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Over/Under Week 16 - Dak Prescott

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Will the Dallas QB go over/under 19.9 fantasy points in week 16?

Video transcript

- All right, for a second over-under we're looking at the Sunday night game. It's that match-up between Washington and Dallas. And we're talking a little Dak Prescott. Oh, we've set a very modest number here, 19.9 fantasy points in this one. And it's possible that no one with Dak on a roster is still alive in the playoffs after these last few weeks.

But just in case, let's talk about him anyway. Yeah, it's been rough. He doesn't have 300 yards or multiple touchdowns in any of his last three. That's kind of ridiculous. But he's facing Washington. This is a team that allows most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks on the season, the second most wide receiver points.

He's got the band back together in the receiving corps, right? He's got great weapons. I just refuse to believe that Dak Prescott cannot hit 20 fantasy points, which is not that great of a hurdle against this match-up. This is getting ridiculous for him. So I'm taking the over here. Matt, in your stunningly versatile hat, do you agree?

- Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. You know, Dallas has been one of the most stunningly versatile offenses all season long, right up until the last month or so, where basically it's like all right, defense. You go ahead and carry us. But you're right, Andy. I'm going over here, too.

I think it's just like, you watch this offense and they're just this close. You know? There's a few misses here or there. And like you said, the band is back together in the receiver room. Dalton Schultz is playing really well for this team. Obviously, they've got both backs out there. But are they fully healthy?

I just think it's a matter of time until Dak Prescott puts up that game that we're counting on here. And obviously, Washington is the right opponent for it. I think Prescott is still a little bit bothered by that calf injury, but nevertheless the offensive ecosystem is all still there. He's just got to deliver on it, and we trust him too much as a player to believe that that's just not going to happen.

- Tank, can we get a sweep?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We can get a sweep. You know, this is just kind of reminds me of I don't know why this quote popped in my head but, remember when Tony Romo got hurt? Like when he was still playing and Jerry Jones said that he was feeling lower than a crippled cricket's ass? You remember that?

Like, I feel like that's how this Cowboys offense is right now. Like, they're about as low as you can get. Like, Jerry Jones said that Dak was in a slump, then Dak admitted that he was in a slump. Then you have Amari Cooper saying that he feels like he needs to be more involved, like Zeke and Tony Pollard have been hurt.

Like, this offense has just been a mess. I feel like a lot of times when things are just really down in the dungeons, like a lot of times we just try to bury them more, I'm buying the damn dip this time. I'm buying the dip, so that means Dak, you need to get off your you know what and get this thing rolling. And I believe you do it against the team that, if you're not going to do it against Washington they give up the most fantasy points to quarterbacks, I don't know who the hell you going to do it again. So it better be now.

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