Raiders make one of the riskiest picks in draft in Tyree Wilson | PFF Draft Show

The Pro Football Focus live draft show breaks down the selection of the Texas Tech edge rusher to Las Vegas.

Video transcript

- Wow.

- Did you think he was gonna slide longer than this? It kind of seemed like you did. It kind of seemed like the way that you were talking about his foot and what you were hearing about him, you felt like he could go out of the top 10.

- But I only talked to a handfull of people that-- about him. But they all said the same thing, that they were-- they would not draft him because they were concerned. That was too high. They would draft him but they thought the top 10 was too high with the foot concern.

So we'll see. We'll see whether or not he's able to play or not because he can play. I mean, I love watching his tape. I know you guys love Will Anderson and Will Anderson's heck of a player, blah, blah, blah, all that kind of stuff. But Tyree Wilson--

- [LAUGHS] You can't-- you can't say blah, blah, blah in this class. When you get a good guy, you got to emphasize him in this class.

- OK, I got it. But Tyree Wilson, as far as the potential of what he could be. Every once in a while, he goes crazy. He just had a fatal flaw. His fatal flaw was he didn't get off the ball. I mean, think of anybody trying to win the 100 meters and being a step behind coming out of the blocks every single time.

- Right.

- So Usain Bolt, maybe. And this guy is not Usain Bolt. But he is long, he is lanky, he's strong, he's fast, he can turn the edge. He's a tremendous player. And I think the fatal flaw is pretty easily fixed. I really do. I really like him as a player.

- Dave Zeigler, General Manager for the Las Vegas Raiders comes from a New England kind of front office style of picking. And I don't know. A big, uniquely-built player does feel like sort of a Patriotsy kind of a pick. So I can definitely see that connection there. Sam, what do you think about Tyree Wilson?

- I think Tyree Wilson is a really intriguing prospect.

- OK.

- He's huge. He's got that mammoth wingspan. The plays where he puts it together and gets it right look fantastic. The problem with a lot of those guys at-- the sort of potential edge rushers is, it's not the can do. It's how often does it happen and what happens in the plays where it doesn't happen? And that, I think, is where Tyree Wilson really falls down. And for a guy who is sort of another-- the sales pitch is all about potential and athleticism, we don't know what the athleticism is because he never got to work out.

- I think Tyree Wilson is one of the riskiest picks in the draft. No matter where you took him. Top 15, I think it's one of the riskiest guys. I get it. I get the film. I get the 99th percentile arm length and all that stuff.

His breakout season last year came at age 22. He'll be 23 on opening day. So he broke out in the Big 12 as an older prospect. He's two-- a year and a half older than Will Anderson, you know, who was far more productive in a more difficult conference in the SEC.

But with Wilson I get it, right? He's gonna go to a defensive line, which currently has Maxx Crosby, Chandler Jones. Chandler Jones was similar coming out of Syracuse. His production got better at the NFL level so I think that's what Ziegler, McDaniels, the Raider staff, that's what they're banking on is developing Tyree Wilson the same way they developed Chandler Jones in New England.

And add him as this really just different body type that you have to attack. That's where I like Tyree Wilson. Charles Omenihu was my comp for him, which is like crazy. He's a third round pick--

- Well.

- --who was a rotational player. But that's what he is.