How To Raise An Olympian: Elodie Clouvel

Élodie Clouvel will tackle her third Olympic competition in a few weeks’ time. And the modern pentathlete is one of the favourites to win. Her goal is clear: to be the Olympic champion. “Not just for the medal, but for the title, for the 17-year journey believing in this”.

Élodie Clouvel is the daughter of two high-level athletes specialising in long and middle-distance running. In other words, she was immersed in the world of sport from a very young age.

Elodie and her parents - Pascal and Annick - talk to Yahoo France about the “energetic little girl who liked to try her hand at everything”. They talk about how, by letting her try as many things as possible, she developed the skills at a young age that allowed her to become the modern pentathlon champion she is today.

This interview is part of an exclusive Yahoo series called 'How To Raise An Olympian', in which we speak to Olympic stars around the world and their parents to get a unique insight into what it takes to help your child reach the summit of their sport.

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