Rockets explode over Gaza, Israel as fighting intensifies

STORY: The second round of cross-border fire in a week came after Israel launched strikes on Tuesday (May 9) against three Islamic Jihad commanders it said had planned attacks against Israelis, following months of escalating violence.

Drone footage showed rockets being launched from Gaza, then exploding over the Israeli city of Ashkelon, signaling interceptions by Israel's Iron Dome aerial defence system.

It also showed security and rescue teams gathered near a house which was hit by a rocket. No casualties were reported.

The Israeli military said it hit more than 50 targets, including rocket-launching sites, as blasts sounded across the Gaza Strip. Islamic Jihad said three Gaza houses, which appeared to have been evacuated after warnings, were struck after dark.

More than 400 rockets were fired, Israel said, a quarter of which fell short in Gaza.