Strong points scored in the Eternal City by the team.

Next stop is the Monaco E-Prix on April 30th.

Video transcript

JEAN-ERIC VERGNE: Well, we're in Monaco. Obviously, extremely happy to-- to be back racing in the-- in the streets.

ANTONIO FELIX DA COSTA: Almost every corner here has a story to tell. So to be able to come and race in these historic places, it's awesome.

JEAN-ERIC VERGNE: Just the scenery, the atmosphere, the fans being here, it just makes it very exciting for us drivers to-- to race here.


ANTONIO FELIX DA COSTA: We have a little bit of catching up to do right now, in terms of points. So you know, the mentality right now is race by race, trying to do the best we can every weekend.

JEAN-ERIC VERGNE: Trying to leave this weekend, knowing that we've done everything. And hopefully, everything will be good enough for-- for winning it.

JACK NICHOLLS: The most famous racetrack on the planet is looking towards the future, as the incomparable streets of Monte Carlo host round six of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the Monaco E-Prix.

Into the top 10, Antonio Felix da Costa. Jean-Éric Vergne is the championship leader. We go green in Monaco!


Evans leads. Wehrlein second. Third is Jean-Éric Vergne in the black and gold DS TECHEETAH. Here comes da Costa. He is going past Oliver Askew. So Frijns, Rowland, and Dennis all activate attack mode. Did da Costa get past all of them? No. Frijns manages to keep the eighth place.

Into attack mode goes Jean-Éric Vergne. Vergne could lead this race fairly soon if everybody is to take attack mode ahead of him. That's Vergne up to fifth.

Jean-Éric Vergne in fifth place. di Grassi is his next target just ahead.

DARIO FRANCHITTI: Ah, and there he goes. Jean-Éric Vergne, textbook overtaking maneuver.


JACK NICHOLLS: Vergne goes through. So John-Éric Vergne takes the lead. But he's going to have his work cut out now to keep everybody else behind. Evans to the outside. Can Vergne hold him off? No, Evans gets through. Evans in second. Vergne, third. Frijns in fourth. Fifth for da Costa.


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