Several Arrests Made as Protests Interrupt Abortion and Gender Care-Related Legislative Debate in Nebraska

At least six people were arrested at the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln as protesters interrupted a legislative debate on May 19, the state’s state patrol reported.

Protests broke out at the building on Friday as lawmakers passed a law restricting abortions to 12 weeks and banning gender-affirming treatment for people under 19, local media reported.

Lawmakers voted 33-15 to send the bill to Governor Jim Pillen, local media reported.

According to the Nebraska state patrol, two people “were arrested for obstructing a government operation and disturbing the peace” after “threw objects over the balcony onto the legislative floor.” KLKN reported that the objects were “tampons and feminine hygiene pads.”

A third person was arrested “for disturbing the peace and trespassing” after “yelling repeatedly and refused law enforcement orders to leave the balcony,” according to the Nebraska state patrol. A fourth person was arrested for “disobeying a lawful order” after refusing to vacate the balcony, the report said.

A fifth person was arrested over “for resisting arrest and trespassing.” As the arrest was being made, “a woman approached and tried to push past another trooper. The trooper held her back, at which time the woman punched the trooper in the chest. She […] was arrested for obstructing a peace officer.” Credit: Nebraska State Patrol via Storyful

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