Sheep get 'green' summer jobs in New York

STORY: These sheep are getting summer jobs on Governor Island in New York City

They will be munching away on invasive

plants for the next several months

This is the third summer that sheep have provided

an eco-friendly lawn maintenance in the area

[Leo Frampton, Gardener, Governors Island zone]

“They're green in lots of ways. I mean, even just not using the mower, the mower which was gas-powered. But even more so, I mean, we don't, we're not using tools at all. We're not using herbicide. This is just a completely organic way of keeping our weeds in check."

Other parks occasionally employ

goats for landscaping work

But Frampton says sheep are more suited

for the job since they are selective eaters

[Leo Frampton, Gardener, Governors Island zone]

“They're super effective. Every year we've increased the size of their pasture.They don't stop, they give me more time to do what I love, which is gardening, by doing what they love, which is eating.”