'Thank You, Lord': Delivery Driver Delighted by Snacks Left on South Carolina Porch

A delivery driver in Chapin, South Carolina, was delighted to find a basket of snacks on a porch as he went about his work last summer.

Footage from the home of Leah Hounshell shows the man’s face light up as he spots the treats, and says “Thank you, Lord,” before inspecting the goodies.

Hounshell told Storyful that she has left snacks and drinks for delivery drivers for years.

She said the video “would be a good reminder for people to leave snacks and drinks for their delivery people to show their appreciation.” Credit: Leah Hounshell via Storyful

Video transcript


- Thank you, Lord. I should of came through with a clutch. Hold on. Let me take a picture of this. Oh, wait. Hold on. Let me make sure it's got [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you for making our holiday shopping easier. OK. OK. Just confirmation. That's all I needed.


What's this? I'll take that Pepsi.



Hold on, I'll take one more of these too. I'm thirsty as hell. Thank you. Let me see, yeah. Oh, there you are. Thank you.