Umpire Saves Young Baseball Player Caught in Spontaneous Dust Devil

An umpire jumped into action during a youth baseball game in Jacksonville, Florida, after a dust devil spontaneously formed on the batter’s mount on Sunday, May 14.

Video recorded by Kyle Englund shows the dust devil quickly form behind the batter. The umpire grabs the young player and carries them away.

The game organizers, PVAA Youth Baseball, shared the livestream video to Facebook and thanked the teenage umpire for his quick thinking.

The National Weather Service says dust devils typically form during clear skies and light wind, which creates the unstable condition of surface areas becoming much warmer than the air above it. Credit: Kyle Englund via Storyful

Video transcript


- Here we go, baby!

- Let's go, [INAUDIBLE]!


- That is cold right there.


- Way to go.


- Way to go, [INAUDIBLE].

- Saved his life.


- I've never seen anything like this.

- I'd be standing there too.

- You need a rinse? Hey, y'all want some water?


- It was definitely the turning of the tides.


- Can't wait to watch that on the big screen later.

- I've never seen that. That was pretty cool.


- Let's go, [INAUDIBLE].


- All right, let's go [INAUDIBLE].