Week 3 Fantasy Game Changers

The FFL team discusses a trio of players who could potentially wreak havoc on Sunday.

Video transcript

JASON FITZ: All right, it's time to take a look at our fantasy game changers this week, powered by RAM trucks. You know the drill at this point. We come up with some great words to describe RAM trucks, and we give you players that remind us of those descriptors. We will start with Andy. Who do you think will be a capable option in week 3?

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, capability is the word that I'm associating with Jerome Ford, the second-year back who's now taking over for Nick Chubb in Cleveland. Some will say that I'm sort of wish casting here because I blew all my FAAB on him in multiple leagues, but I assure you that is not simply the case.

This is a good back who ran for over 100 yards after Chubb's exit on Monday. Had 69 on one play, caught a touchdown immediately after the injury. He was a great back at the collegiate level, gained over 1,500 yards, scored 20 touchdowns for that 13-win Cincinnati team a couple of years ago.

Kevin Stefanski has made it pretty clear this week that Ford is the lead back moving forward with Kareem hunt now in a supporting role. They had the opportunity to keep Kareem Hunt in the fold in the offseason. They chose Ford. So I think that's a pretty strong endorsement. Would I like to see a matchup this week a little bit easier than Tennessee? Sure. But I think we can be confident, at least in the workload.

JASON FITZ: I like that a lot. OK, Matt, your word, powerful. I feel like this is one of those you game shows. Powerful. What do you got for us?

MATT HARMON: Man, when I think powerful, I think Nico Collins, man. This guy-- I've been talking about Nico Collins, trying to make Nico Collins happen basically since midway through his rookie year. The in-season Reception Perception report was really kind to him that rookie year. I've been a big fan of his talent, but it is all coming together here in year three for the Texans wide receiver.

He's fourth in the NFL in air yards. CJ Stroud is pushing it to him downfield. He's crushing it on these crucial X receiver routes in this Shanahan-style offense that Bobby Slowik has brought down to Houston. We get caught up in the gadgety and the after catch and the spacey stuff with this offense, but it really functions best, Fitz, when it has a true number one, alpha-type X receiver beating press man coverage on the outside. That's what Nico Collins is doing right now.

And I bring powerful up here because he's playing bully ball after the catch too. I can't express enough how impressed I am with how this guy is playing right now.

JASON FITZ: I'm just shooketh by this level of passion for Nico Collins. I love every ounce of it. All right, so let's go next to trustworthy. Andy, the word is trustworthy.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, trustworthy feels like the right word for Kirk Cousins. You'd trust a guy like Kirk to watch your dog while you're out of town, right, to help with a move, something like that. He is trustworthy. He has also passed for a league-high 6 touchdowns and over 700 yards in his first two games. He's the guy throwing to Justin Jefferson. He's the guy throwing to Jordan Addison. He's in a fantastic situation.

He's also, this week, facing a Chargers defense in a battle of teams that sort of desperately need wins. And the Chargers have allowed a league-worst 333 passing yards per game, over 10 yards per pass attempt this season. So I think there's another big one coming for Kirk. I think we're looking at about 320, a couple of touchdowns here.

JASON FITZ: By the way, shameless plug for Zero Blitz, one of our shows on Yahoo Sports you can check out. Mike Lombardi was with me today. And he said if the Chargers lose this game, hot seat goes into full effect. They'd be looking for a new coach. So I'm with you on this one.

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