West Texas Gas Station Partially Submerged by Flash Floods

A line of showers and thunderstorms swept through west Texas, on Saturday, June 3, bringing flash flooding warnings to the region.

Video shared to Facebook by Stormi Upton Choate shows heavy flooding at a gas station parking lot and several residential streets in the city of Friona.

The National Weather Service urged residents in the region to seek higher ground and warned of “torrential rainfall” in multiple counties across west Texas. Credit: Stormi Upton Choate via Storyful

Video transcript

- They've got it sandbagged, but yeah, there's some water in there.


- You can't see where the curb ends or the street starts. This is on Austin.

- May I go fix that thing so no one wrecks with it? Can I please go push it in?

- No.

- Please.

- No.

- Why? May I, Dad?