White House releases AI framework to oversee development, risks

The Yahoo Finance Live team explains the White House's latest AI framework aimed to advance AI efforts and help mitigate risk.

Video transcript

- Well, with rapid developments in artificial intelligence, the White House is launching a new roadmap for the emerging technology. The Biden administration releasing an updated National AI research and development strategic plan today. That's updated for the first time since 2019. And it outlines nine strategies and goals for federal investments. That includes advancing foundational AI capabilities, and ensuring the safety of systems. The Office of Science and Technology Policy putting out a new request to the public today.

The government wants public comment on critical AI issues. The end goal will be to help update US National priorities and future actions on AI. This includes mitigating risks as well as protecting individual rights and safety. Lastly, the US also highlighting in a new report the risks and opportunities related to AI in education. The report recognizes AI can enable new forms of interaction between educators and students, but also it underscores the risks, including algorithmic bias.