Why 'Chicago P.D.' Needs To Make A Change After Ruzek's Latest Undercover Case

"Chicago P.D." brought back a few characters from an episode earlier in Season 10 that put Tracy Spiridakos' Hailey Upton through the wringer, but it was Patrick John Flueger's Adam Ruzek who had to try to make sense of the case this time. With Intelligence on the case of Richard Beck and daughter Samantha, Ruzek went undercover as the member of the team who hadn't interacted with either of them the first time around. He found himself sympathizing with Samantha as a parent, even knowing that the Becks were deep in the deadly meth game. And by the end of "Blood and Honor," "P.D." reminded me of a super specific issue that needs to change: the cops using their real names while undercover. Once upon a time in "P.D.," the cops of Intelligence didn't always use their real names while going undercover. For example, Halstead was frequently "Ryan" while under, and Upton went for a full episode as "Kelly" back in Season 5. The characters have taken to using their real first names in recent seasons, which has stuck out to me but never enough to... well, write about it on a Wednesday night before now! What pushed me over the edge in "Blood and Honor" was that not only did Ruzek go by "Adam" to Samantha and her son, but told her that his daughter is named Makayla.