Woman left incredulous after day trip to Kruger National Park resulted in ZERO animal sightings

A woman was left "incredulous" after she visited South Africa's famed Kruger National Park and left - having seen JUST ONE land animal. Natasha Joseph, 29, and friends went to the world-renowned national park known to host to the 'Big Five"'- lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo. But despite the park's reputation, the group only managed to catch a glimpse of "bushes, trees, [an] impala and the exit". In a tongue-in-cheek video posted online, Natasha, from Johannesburg, South Africa, captioned a montage of clips featuring only one animal - a lone impala. The rest of the video showed the grasslands that had "bushes," "trees" and the "exit". Natasha, who was staying at nearby Marloth Park, said: "We decided the day before going that we wanted to do a day trip to Kruger. "Marloth Park is about a 20-minute drive from the Crocodile Bridge gate, so it’s very easy to go into Kruger for the day. "Most people going there are looking for the Big Five. We were hoping to see leopards and maybe some wild dog." The group, who paid 115 Rand (£5.44) a ticket, still had a good time and found the park to be "incredibly peaceful" with "cool birdlife", like European rollers and eagles. Natasha added: "It’s still amazing to be in the park.It’s incredibly peaceful driving around, being in nature with limited signal. "We found it quite funny whenever we stopped to get food or coffee and other people had had a similar experience to us, not seeing anything major to report on."