Yemeni women find a lifeline in selling incense

STORY: Location: Sanaa, Yemen

This Yemeni woman makes incense in her kitchen to provide for her family

To make the incense or ‘Bakhoor’, Wafa al-Surabi mixes rock sugar and rosewater

before adding other ingredients to the syrup mixture and pouring the blend into bowls

[Wafa al-Surabi, Incense maker]

“The essential ingredients in making incense are rock sugar and rose water. That's my preference. Other ingredients are ground oud and oud chips. Of course, I make sure that I only use the excellent-quality raw material because I make high-quality incense and perfumes.”

As a widow and mother of six, al-Surabi is one of many women struggling to make ends meet in Yemen

Date: February 1, 2023

as food, water, and fuel are unaffordable for many due to inflation

Al-Surabi also trains other women to help them join the market

[Salah al-Zuraiqi, Owner of fragrance ingredients shop]

“Most of my customers are women. It is not for personal use, but to make a living. As a result of the country's situation and the blockade, they are resorting to this type of work to make a living.”