Yosemite Falls Gush With Water as Record Snowpack Melts

Waterfalls in Yosemite National Park were gushing with water over Memorial Day Weekend, footage by a visitor shows.

Runoff from melting record-breaking snowpack was making rivers in the park rise and caused flooding concerns, local news reported early last week. Rivers and creeks were nearing flood stages, park officials warned. The snowpack in the Tuolumne River basin and the Merced River basin were at 232 percent and 253 percent of their average for the year, the park said.

Earlier in the year, several parts of the park were closed due to flooding concerns over the melting snowpack.

This footage by Luke Millar shows one of the waterfalls in the park gushing with water on Sunday, May 28. Credit: Luke Millar via Storyful

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