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  • Andrew Andrew Jun 7, 2009 00:02 Flag

    Nerves in final(s)

    Wilander and Virginia Wade commented that Safina's face looked so anxious even in the first set -- but to me she looked really determined and played pretty well in the first, but then got worse in the second. Also, people like Wilander, who excel under pressure and said that playing a grand slam final is one of the most fun things one can do, are rare exceptions. Safina's nerves were the NORMAL human reaction. And I think women's finals tend to be more "choke" matches because they are only 2 out of 3 -- no time to relax and get in a groove if you're behind.

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    • I agree with you especially regarding the first set,but i feel it has to be said that kuznetsova was clever enough to allow safinas nerves to get the better of her as the match went on.I was also impressed with svetas concerning looks towards her opponent at the end of the match,genuine concern for her distraught opponent ,in her own hour of glory.A true star.