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  • Mic K Mic K May 26, 2010 02:48 Flag

    Eurosport 'Specialist' Commentators

    Come on Eurosport isn't it about time you sacked your so called specialist commentators and hired people who actually know what they are talking about! For instance, in tennis you have the 'preen queen' who did nothing in the sport apart from 'pose' as often as she could, spends most of her time trying to be 'girlie' but comes off as 'little miss desperate', how and why is she your specialist tennis commentator! oh sorry, she definately knows what a ball is!
    In football, Gerry Armstrong i think it is, is about as consistent as runny custard, one minute he's telling one and all that these under 17's, 19's or whatever all play first team football for first division clubs all over europe then says the referee should make allowances for some of the 'over the top tackles' they make. This guy just doesnt stop talking crap, every time his co-commentator takes a breath he jumps in with another pile of doo! what is his problem, either comment on the game or shut your stupid mouth, football has rules that apply to everyone, fouls are fouls if you are 5 or 50 so why make allowances!
    Lastly and this applys to ALL sports, when are the governing bodies going to stop the cheating, in football cheatings wins trophies but is that what we want, i thought good teams did! I know Ms Platini continues to say it will be dealt with but i'm sure he;s talking about trimming his waistline, and in tennins, rule is ' no coaching in grand slam tournaments' did someone forget to tell Wozniaki and her dad! Come on people lets have good commentary on fair games, best team/person wins or maybe thats not what people want!