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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 5, 2009 21:52 Flag

    Lockerbie ... Megrahi ... re-visited.

    Butch is right,there are doubts about when he was in Malta,the type of trigger etc. But these are conspitacies that would not have been substantiated in a court of appeal.

    There was more than enough (real) evidence to convict him, whereas his fellow countryman was found not guilty. That looks like a fair trial in my book.
    And as i said before.The reasons for his release are well known to all right minded people. It fitted in well with trade deals but he had to drop his appeal.

    And the appeal was dropped purely because a man cannot be released if he still has an appeal pending. That is the law! So it was his choice to gamble on how long he lived, or go home.

    Jesus Butch! When will you wake up and smell the coffee and stop falling for the conspiracy nuts. Some things are exactly as they seem and not a conspiracy.

    Whatever next, a New World Order with David Icke as your talisman??