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  • Erik Erik May 24, 2007 17:09 Flag

    AC Milan - Worthy winners?

    Well, I guess the main question here is did AC Milan deserve to win the Champions League? I guess you can't really argue with the score but there will be some of us out there who will think that Liverpool played the more exciting football and created the most chances.

    There's also some reports in that Inzaghi's opener actually came off his arm. The Sun even ran the headline 'Armed Robbery'.

    So, what does everyone think. Fair score or did AC Milan get lucky?

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    • Actually...the better team is the one that can finish. If you can't finish....you don't belong there do you?

    • like what Jose Mourinho always say, the better team lost. with all due respect to milan, liverpool were more exciting to watch. woe to the team selection though, rafa never got it right, why kyut & not crouch when playing 4-5-1? with wide players, the formation need a physical presence of crouch & his height. just look at him, two shot on target right after he was played late on. zenden should be partnered with mascherano in the centre instead of alonso, as he's more industrious with his work entics. as for the left, riise is a better crosser than zenden.

      another point, why sub off mascherano? right after he left, kaka created the second goal. woe to the defence, they seems to lost the will to defend.

      inzaghi, in the match he should be ashamed of himself for his entics. the way he taunt liverpool. and his time wasting tatics, remember the way he reacted after the ball hit him? he acted in pain such that he can even walk to the sideline for treatment only 10feet away but enough strength to fend off kewell when the latter tried to drag him away.

      all in all, i'm proud of my liverpool, they played football & was professional. You'll Never Walk Alone.

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      • who followed the CL from beganing will be sure is the best team this year who win the trophy, AC milan played celtic and KAKA goal was extraordinary way to win, then B Munich and that fine finish and then MANU best english club which actualy was the final,,,, to face liverpool in athens so it was long long way to go and we win the 7th champions league...so why milan not worth to win. i think it was 100% worthy winning, thanks

    • I think Milan are very very lucky team. If you watch the game, you surely know which team is better and it's got to be Liverpool where they created many chances than Milan. Beside that, Inzaghi's first goal is a very very scrappy goal where the ball hit his arm. I know that everyone in the world will choose Liverpool to win the Champions League this season because they are BETTER than the Italian club.

    • I honestly think we (Milan) proved 2 B the very strongest football team in Europe after this victory It is true that we havent played at our best in the final, but then again, what did Liverpool actually did better? And while we're at it, what about Kuyt's late score in flagrant off side???

    • AC Milan have won 7 European Cups, second only to Real Madrid, get over it Liverpool, you can't keep flukeing the results, you can't even win your own league, at best you're a good cup side.

    • both played well both had chances but its goals that win matches come on the reds for next year

    • Rosseneri worth to be champions and if u havnt seen the match i'll send you a copy of both final 05 / 07 milanista is the best in both finals so please save your excuses, you lost it and we got our revenge full stop.

      I'd like to comment some thing about first goal, before you say it was hand ball, can u please go back and watch how liverpool defences made the wall, i cant believe it, even the goalkeeper never notice the huge gap in the wall? i swear if inzagi wasnt there, sure it going to be a goal, that was the key for pirlo, who didnt need second invitation to take ur hope of 6 times with the wind.. with my full respect to liverpool(btw my best english players came out from liverpool , mac manaman, and owen) but milan are the best in europ in the last 20 years.
      milan 7 on 2007 sooooooooooo fantastic, thanks maldini thanks milan, i'm really proud of being milanesta guy

    • Yes they were worthly winners lokk at the second goal,tht was amzing!! but althought the 1st goal was a bit of luck for milian

    • Of course, they were the better team throughout the night, and Liverpool started with just too poor a team to win the trophy.

    • Not really, although 2 years ago we were 2nd best so what comes around.... Any person saying they were worthy winners was watching a different game, however footie goes this way at times. Slighty robbed were LFC, as where Milan 2 yrs ago.

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