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  • Paul Paul Jul 8, 2005 19:28 Flag

    Please respond to planned changes

    We are looking at a new game for season 2006/2007 where users are put into leagues of around 12 and each player can only be owned by one team. We'll keep you informed of those plans and hopefully you can help us build the right game.

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    • I would strongly be against any system where everyone could not pick anyone.

      Drafts suck.

    • Good idea. Actually I don't know why so many people opposed the drafts. Paul said that it would be another game, that won't affect the game now! If you don't like that you can ignore that game! It's just the matter of choice! Yahoo had 0.3 million players last season. Even only 1% of people support it, still 3000 people wants to play. How can Yahoo ignore their professional players?
      Anyway drafts is a great idea, I think Yahoo must make it. Ignore those people who oppose this idea because they are as stupid as pigs. They oppose this idea because they don't know how to play it oh oh oh!!!

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      • Was it really necessary to post this message in three locations? And is it necessary to insult all those with differing opinions? Personally, I don't want THIS game to be draft based, but I have no objection if Yahoo chooses to offer an additional game next season. If in posting your messages you thought you might somehow influence Yahoo's decision; consider that insults are more likely to give them a negative impression.

      • To respond to all the people who have ridiculed the draft idea, it actually does work. I am involved in draft leagues for golf, nascar and european football, all of which are salary cap sports with Yahoo.

        Draft leagues require much more strategy than salary cap games, where you can just select any players you want. With draft leagues you get more interaction between the managers and a higher proportion of the managers will be active in the second half of the season. It also opens up the possibility for people to run keeper leagues, something that is becoming more and more popular with the US sports.

        There is definitely a market for a draft-based football game. Maybe Yahoo would consider going down the NFL route and running both salary cap and draft-based games? That way, everyone would be happy.

    • The best example of this is how Yahoo runs it's Fantasy NBA. These leagues require Managers to trade and sign players carefully throughout the season. When done well it keeps everyone in the league interested and soon conversations down at the pub will be dominated by trade negotiations for weeks with your mates.

      The trick is that you need to have plenty of valuable players in the free agent market to encourage Managers to interact with the free market and fellow managers. I believe a league of 12 teams will be too big. Perhaps 10 will be more appropriate. The best way to work out what will work would be to run a mock league (of 10 or 12 or whatever) and see what players are left on the free market. i'll leave you guys at Yahoo to do that. :)

      Another problem will be that there is always a small select group of players that are worth there weight in Gold (Henry, Cech, & Viduka (just kiddin'!) come to mind. In a draft system i believe players that get an early pick (top 3) will have a huge advantage over the field, a much bigger advantage then in other fantasy drafts like the NBA because these few standout players are so valuable.

      Anyway that's my 2 cents. The 100pt system you had was great and the entire process worked very well. It's 10,000 times better then the ridiculous official one run by PremierLeague.com. Looking forward to the new season