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    Souness, now that's scary!!!

    Yes I know, somethings got to happen at Wolves. Doesn't matter what happens it always just carries on the same. All we want to do is get back to former glory, if not then any minor glory will do in the meantime. Change yes, but Souness?

    Do we really need a dinosaur, Scottish as well. Who keeps ending up as a TV pundit shortly after taking over as a manager? Yes him. I will never forget his comment when he managed Damien Duff, "He'll he a really good player after we can all the tricky #$%$ stuff he does." What if Alf Ramsey said that about George Best, or any of Gazza's managers said that about him? How about this one, "Sorry Sir Stanley Mathews, but can you stop trying to beat players, best to run in a straight line, and if anybody is in your way, just lob the ball up front in a nice straight line, you may be lucky and find a team mate. Sorry there's no place for skill in this man's game."

    Yep, any change is good, but do we really need an old fashioned, dated dinosaur who is totally out of touch with the modern game and has been for years. Good thing he never managed Pele or Maradona, with all their tricky #$%$ stuff.

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    • well this weekend is our cup semifinal if results go our way we have almost got to a winning position IS there any television /tv coverage

    • well i am glad im being made to eat my words about the new manager he is succeeding where england ex managers have failed>the fans will return in time if results go our way.Perhaps in the near future the whole country will be facinated with title races involving all our arch enemies locally although i think cooperation resourse wise and sharing training physio scouting possibly.You cant have a successful villa without brum or ourselves and the baggies>end the london /lancashire monopoly of sucess.A team with intestinal fortitude at last the money will come forwards do it the Bolton way up as runners up or champions probably down to our #$%$ goal difference.I would beseach our players to avoid disiplimary problems for all the petty stuff and disent.No suspensions each csuspension is costing ever ticket payer at least per game for paying wages went sent home for disiplinary.Get the braintrainers in now also look at injuries and players medical records tests weve bought players ho should never have been allowed out of the cotton wool boxes their knees ankles must all be made by stuart crystal

    • I know all credit to the lads and the magical Mick for doing an outstanding job getting us this far. The goal difference is worrying but for me the more disturbing thing for me is the run in weve got starting with albion this weekend. I dont see us beating them, especially after they got beat on saturday. Id love to see it but, I just think theyve got a touch more quality than anyone else in the division. koumas is just a revelation for them and in Kamara theyve got a striker who is just a different class. The fact is with team albion have they should have won this league hands down. I think even with the revitalised form and the full ground wel have to be on top form to get a point. We definately cant afford to make the errors we did against Luton or miss the chances we did against Leeds. the problem is we have to face the other two form teams in the championship afterwards. Sunderland away is going to be tough and Blues is difficult. That said i think we should be able to get points from all of the other games we have left and that should see us in with a great shout of making the playoffs depending on other peoples results.

      If we win those games (we can dream) we have a great chance of making second place.

    • any higher up the table and well need oxygen must be great for the players too to go to work and feel a sense of pride,It could be blues albion and wolves promoted Pinching myself too the goal difference is a worry tho

    • Youre right, but winning the big games is what gets you noticed unfortunately. Reading have done fantastically well this season but come the end of it its the games against United that will stick in most peoples minds and win them fans. Its the same for wolves, our premiership campaign is remembered for the win against united not the best comeback in the premiership ever: from 3-0 down against leicester at half time!

      That said its getting there that is the hard part. But wolves have finally got it right. We have a team and a manager with a point to prove. The youth and experience balance is almost right and has given us a hunger for results that I haven't ever seen at molineux before. We have had individuals who were hungry, Bully, Rae and Ince, but never an entire team. The guy who opitomises that for me is Henry, he has been playing in a position that he has said he hates for the last few weeks but hasnt moaned and has done fantastically well, because more than anything else he just wants to pull on the gold shirt.

      I have to pinch myself every week, lately, when I look at the table, 4 points off top considering the pre season turmoil is a miracle. But better than that is the feeling of belief round molineux the atmosphere for Leeds was unbelievable. Dont get me wrong wolves still wont win any prizes for the prettiest football but you just get the feeling that the players will give everything to win. The fact is its going to take a very good team to keep the wolves out of the playoffs this year because for the first time in years it wont be because weve under performed.

      Weve got big games coming up against Sunderland, Blues and WBA and the right set of results could see us go top. Its a strange thought, Ill go back to pinching myself now!!

    • personally i dont mind souness taking over there so long as he works with MM, although i dont think his cv is the greatest we need an injection of something at the club. Apart from a quick dip in the big time again were really just a club now thats dwells on this sleeping giant tag, yes we have a great hisory but then so does did iraq(pre saddam)its time to look forward i was unsure about MM but unlike his predecessors he seems to be blooding some new talent with a bit of experience and not afraid to leave these has been ex prem players that we always seem to acquire on the bench. Weve got a chance along with half the league of making it this year and i would urge MM to keep playing the youngsters and if they get us there great if not this season would have done them the world of good for next year........look at what coppells done at reading no stars, a few seasons of playing together and now reaping all the plaudits


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      • Souness wasn't and never will be the man for wolves. He still wants to be the star of the show. Besides would you really want him helping with transfers considering he was the wonder that brought Boumsong and Luque to the premiership?

        Why havent the bored done what they promised and sold more shares in the club to the fans? That would be a quick way of raising money for the club and if done properly ie: more offered to season ticket holders than general sale, it would cool down the dissent on the terraces Hopefully with the fans then having a bigger role, it would stop someone coming in and completly ruining the club.

      • yes i agree about planning for the long march whatever happens this season will be a bonus now weve got rid of the fancy dan non triers we are hard to beat i cant remember when wolves were last a team that was hard to beat.Season ticket sales will perk up the wage bill should now be managable.I think the best thing would be to ask MM does he fancy working with GS.We could still get promoted as this team has only been together for weeks

    • thank god theyve thought twice about the dodgy scot cheaky b,srd trying to stitch us up on the cheap

    • thank god theyve thought twice about the dodgy scot cheaky b,srd trying to stitch us up on the cheap

    • liverpool worth 450 million and wolves on;y 20 million that on turnover seems to undervalue wolves somewhat

    • liverpool worth 450 million and wolves on;y 20 million that on turnover seems to undervalue wolves somewhat

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