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  • Richard Richard Jan 6, 2006 03:20 Flag

    United 4 Wimbledon (aka Bolton) 1

    I'm not a Bolton fan, leaning more to Man U and Wigan, but in the 1950's when I started to watch football I'd watch United one week and Bolton the next when they were at home and City if both away. This way I developed a love of the game and respect for opponents whether near neighbours or far away teams. I could never understand how Bolton and City fans hated United so vehemently but then again most successful teams are hated aren't they? (Who loves Chelsea or Arsenal?) Anyway I digress. When the match at Bolton was recently cancelled due to a frozen pitch I was discussing the issue in my local with a bunch of friends, all Bolton fans. "I see the game was cancelled due to the centre of the pitch being frozen." I remarked. "Yes." Replied one of them. "Can't understand it. We don't use that bit!"