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    Prawns, I hope you were watching

    Some of you who clearly have no knowledge of Uniteds successful youth team have been moaning because they lost a couple of games to Liverpools youth team last season, moaning because not many have 'forced' their way into the team yet, moaning is what you are good at. I bet (assuming you even bothered to watch the game) when you saw the two teams line ups today you moaned some more, right?

    No Rio, No Heinze, Neville, Giggs, Ruud, Ronaldo, Rooney, Saha, Sheasy or VDS.

    Celtic playing a very experienced side, only missing Petrov and maybe one other.

    What happened?

    A bunch of kids wiped the floor with them. I told you so seems pointless, you will still moan, you will still whine about lack of transfer activity, lack of trophies, the fact these youngsters only won 3 trophies last season, same old same old with that negative type.

    You will be proved wrong all season and in coming seasons.

    This could be a future line up


    Notice anything? 11 players....all from our academy. Name one other team in the whole premiership who could field a team like that, as good as that bunch? Liverpool and Chelski couldnt. Arsenal only have a limited few english youngsters good enough. Spurs have to buy all their talent.

    I say forget the West Brom goalie, keep Foster.
    Bardsley will replace Neville soon enough, Simpson is ANOTHER salford boy who could do the job. The prawns may not understand what it means to mancs to see local boys comethrough, well ill tell you, its part of our tradition. Gibson is going out on loan, he wants to break into the team this season still, hes that good he probably could, he humiliated Lennon today, made him look ordinary. Fletcher ran rings around all of them. Richardson is starting to come good. Some of Rossi's touches are just genius. Who needs ronaldo when we have Martin?!

    Just wait until these boys are surrounded by more first teamers. Bet Rooney cant wait.

    Schole swas phenominal today, he thrived amongst the kids and was very vocal too.

    MMoan all you want, we are entering a new great era at United. Fuck chelsea, this is better than in 95, and there only 3 times as many coming through!

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    • Spot on Man_U.

      The only other side in the EPL that pays anywhere near as much attention to a youth policy as us is Middlesbro and there's is way behind ours so sod everyone else.

      I don't decry the prawns because everyone is entitled to an opinion, its just up to those of us who know better to educate these people.

      Keep up the top posts.

      I was so pleased that Foster was able to show to those actually watching the game how good he is, the only surprise to me is that we went after Kuszack at all. I think Foster is a better all-round keeper even now than the ex-polish international who was dropped because he let in a goal kick !!!

      I think Robbo did us a favour in turning that one down.

    • I'm a relatively new United fan. Not by choice, but by circumstance. I live in a country far away that has only recently afforded me the luxury of video coverage of the team. Now I don't presume to be fully aware of the club's history. But I certainly make it my duty to read and gather as much information about all that happened before I started following the team.

      More than anything else, the main reason I have come to love (and I genuinely mean "love") Manchester United is its structure and philosophy. A sound business entity, a solid football structure (built around the youth system) and a guarantee of ATTRACTIVE & ATTACKING play on the field.

      Now, I'm always open to everyone's comments, but when I hear things like "SAF is causing our downfall", I get really upset. I can think of no better guardian of the "United way" than Sir Alex. He believes in one thing, Manchester United first and everything, including star players after.

      Now to complain that we haven't signed anyone and that we are not attractive to stars anymore is a load of crap. We really don't need to panic buy or pay too much for anyone. We do need a replacement for Roy Keane, but tell me who that is. There might be a few players with some of his qualities out there, but not a true replacement. If a star is not attracted to Utd, good, we don't need him. We don't need anyone that doesn't want to play for us. They can go to Chelsea earn a good salary for a year or 2, play 20 games, get frustrated, get dropped from their national team and then finally move to a club that will play them, at realistic wages.

      I don't think it's realistic to want to win everything, every year. We can aspire towards it, but to actually do that would mean that no other team would be improving and giving us competiton. Football, like all sports, is about ups & downs. One needs the other in order for you to appreciate both. So those newcomers who can't understand why we aren't winning at the moment, you have a choice. Get frustrated and start supporting Chelsea or get behind your team and get prepared for the long term which will include many more years of wins and losses.

      When Roman decides to leave Chelsea (as soon as they win the CL or he gives up trying), they will have to face the reality of not having the money to buy everyone that Utd has scouted. In the mean time remember this, we lost by 2 wins and 2 draws last season. We had major injury issues and a poor start to the season caused by an unfamiliar formation to accomodate Keano's waning skills. Both of those issues are behind us. I believe we will win this year, with or without a midfield signing, and funnily enough I expect Liverpool to be more of a challenge than Chelsea.

      Now if you want something to complain about, turn your attention to the new owners. Ask about our debt and make sure we have a gaurantee that these people understand the history and that they don't intend to screw up everything for a trophy and then banish the club to a future of bankruptcy and poor play on the field.

      That's my 2 pence worth.

    • Can someone tell me what they think of Neumayr? And is there any news on those two Brazilian brothers we were supposed to be signing?

    • exact jim,sorry got the guys mixed-up

    • Ian, Evans is N, Ireland. Gibson is also from Derry but has chosen to represent Eire.

    • i agree that a degree of caution is necessary - but it is refreshing to have so many positive posts on here for a change rather than all teh doom and gloom merchants who would have you believing that by buying a few average players the likes of Liverpool are showing more ambition than United. Ferguson built his Aberdeen empire on youth and has done the same with United and I think the likes of Scholes, Giggs and Neville are excellent role models for these youngsters.

    • darren i agree mate,but does johnny evans qualify for northern ireland or eire?because he comes from derry i think

    • I agree whole heartedly with all the talk of the youngsters coming through but I would also exercise a degree of caution.
      With the exception of the 1955 team anytime United have brought through young players they have had great role models at the club to look up to and learn from. I think it's vitally important that we have the correct balance of youth and experience.
      I get to see the youth teams when they come here to Northern Ireland to play in our Milk Cup tournament and every year I've seen a few players who show potential. I just hope the current crop continue in their development and make it all the way to the top.

      One more thing... Big Johnny Evans from Belfast has looked great this closed season and seems like he'll definitely make it but watch out for Paul McShane too. Watched him when he was Under 16 and looked total class!

    • Nice to hear a voice of reason amongst the doubting Thomases. I thought Martin was outstanding and Scholes and Fletcher imperious and definitely think that Foster shoudl be given no 2 spot behind VDS.

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      • The doubting thomases will be as predictable as always...

        Jim will turn up saying hes entitled to his opinion and feels opressed by my comments, he will still find something negative to say about the excellent youngsters, when in reality he should be eating humble pie for ever doubting the most outstanding young players around. I have seen Roonaldo and one or two other mancs on here going on about them because like me they go to games and see them in the flesh, yet you cant be positive on here with these prawns. Johnathan Leung only turns up when danny is offline and when a negative article has been written in the mail, so he is as predictable as always, contradicting himself left, right and centre trying to think of something intelligent to say. johnfulla is another one who talks utter rubbish. The rest of them on here will bide their time until these prawns resurface and they will all pat each other on the back and say they are realistic and Fergies empire is crumbling and Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs are miles ahead of us, even though there is nothing that would back this claim up, infact everything would contradict this so far, especially last season.

        If you spot these prawns, dont let them get away with talking this utter garbage. We need to be United and behind the team. Some people are radiators and some people are drainers. I dont know about you but I cant stand these fucking drainers.

      • As it stands now, Foster will be no. 2 behind VDS, SAF was only trying to bring in the Polish keeper so that Ben could spend another season with Watford and get some Premier league experience.

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