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    Fergie's decision making

    What I dont understand is where is Ferguson taking this team? He offloads the top goal scorer and who's he got left...3 injury prone strikers all back from recent injuries, and an inexperienced italian. But yet his interests are in strengthening the midfield. I think with Carrick in the squad we dont need any more midfielders. What we need is for Ferguson to start buying some players that'll help the squad and stop gettin rid of our good ones like van Nistelrooy. No more buying these players like Park who are here to sell more shirts in Asia since Beckham left. Park couldn't play keep up with a helium balloon if he had to. Now unless Ferguson brings in a top quality striker before the season begins I'll be curious to see how well this season goes for United. They sure wont be the one challenging Chelski for the title again this year.

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    • How do we have 3 injury prone strikers. Saha is back after what has been a terrible run of luck, and has played since December and throughout the World Cup. Smith, injury prone? I dont think so, poor lad broke his ankle, and should be fit for the Fulham game. Ole, will go back to being a super sub.
      As for Ruud, he didn't play well for United from December onwards. ur style of play has changed since then. It used to be down the wing, cross, goal. Now we play more centraly with Rooney/Scholes dictating the play, and Ruud couldn't play that way as he didnt have the ability to hold the ball up and play it forward, like Hughes used to do for Cantona.

      Park, I thought he was good last season, his first year in England and he seemed to adapt well. This season he should be even better.

      The midfield still needs another player I think, Scholes is ageing and I'd like someone like Senna/Mascherano, hard tacklers especially against teams like Liverpool and Chelsea.

      As for bringing in another striker, SAF could well do, the current rumours about Tevez, Toni, etc may pay off, but if he doesn't I have faith that Saha will score 20 goals, Smith will chip in, as will Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs, Scholes, Ole. We have the capability to score goals from all over the park, what we have to do is start dominating games from the midfeld, as we used to do, and stop conceding silly goals.

      This year we can put a charge on Chelsea, and hopefuly win a trophy or 2.

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      • I also believe Saha will score over 20 goals this season. He is quality, when fit - and Rooney and him have already struck up a powerful realtionship. It's not up front (or in defence) that we have a problem - our midfield is woeful.

        Scholes and Giggs are well past their best, Park is a squad player, nothing more, and Ronaldo as great a talent as he is, is nothing more ... yet ... he's inconsistent - partly due to the poor midfield he plays in each week.

        With a decent left winger and another central midfielder, our first 11 can compete with any teams, however once again the depth of Chelski's squad (and pockets should they need reinforcements in Jan) will mean they are 10 points+ ahead of the pack at the end of the season.

        As for Carrick - over-rated, and we've paid way over the odds as usual

    • I thought Park had some good games last season. I would have thought he was a suitable purchase considering his PSV CL displays the year previous.
      But admittedly he has bought some howlers in the midfield department. But even the greatest cant always get it right.

      All will be revealed I guess. Lets have this conversation at the end of the season and any criticism might be justified. Until then, I having an open mind.