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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 20, 2008 23:29 Flag

    Real Reason Why Ronaldo is staying..

    Well now John , when you attack a guy like our
    man Gerrard ( what did you call him , a bully and a
    sulker................could you be more wrong? ) The
    guy is the direct opposite of your Ronaldo , he
    always puts the team first. Quite frankly I think the
    description of Ronaldo was accurate , I think your
    unwarranted undeserved shot at Gerrard just shows
    how thin-skinned you mancs have become lately
    regarding your high-priced striker Cristiano. Admit
    it , you're pissed off at the lad.

    Go ahead and kid yourself that everything is OK.
    There are cracks beginning to show in the
    foundation. And I am not the only guy to have this

    However , thanks for bringing up memories of Kevin
    Keegan and Kenny Dalglish ( whom NEITHER were
    like your Ronaldo ) . Warriors both....and team

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    • Come on, admit it! Gerrard was basically saying that HE (the almighty ONE!) should be England captain. He is also dictating your transfer policy with Gareth Barry (his England room-mate) - do you really think Benitez wanted to buy Barry? Of course he didn't, but he has to pander to every whim of Stevie Fucking Hamster Face moanalot Gerrard. You have problems with Gerrard which can't be masked by one flukey/cheating CL win.

      Why should I be pissed off at Ronaldo? I don't expect player loyalty (and let's not get onto gangster death threats keeping Chelsea-bound Gerrard at LFC) - it doesn't bother me in the slightest - nearly all the EPL players are paid mercenaries or they would be at their boyhood clubs like Torquay or Oldham or wherever. What I can't stand is this Scouse superiority bollocks - all this "Torres is a scouser" bollocks, etc. He is Spanish, for fucks sake and I don't give a shit about his crappy tattoo!

    • BTW - Keegan was more like the Ronaldo that is portrayed in the press than you think. Just won the League and the European Cup (for the first time, BTW) and it was off to Hamburg for a nice pay packet. If Ronaldo stays at United for another season, he will have been here for the same amount of time that Keegan was at Liverpool. He wasn't exactly Bobby Charlton was he? Facts are facts are facts....