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    berbatov having a medical


    with united at this moment, according to reports. but its also been reported that he has been seen talking with mark hughes so still none the wiser.
    5 hours to go till we know one way or another. lol

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    • Just like your beloved Spurs ....

      .... you've got a point!


    • Yes we are second from bottom at the moment.

      I would like to point out however, that in no time in the history of the EPL has a team been relegated after playing just 3 games ..it usually takes a few more then that to decide which teams will be relegated!!

    • As I wrote, I used "If true" to show that it may not be.
      "Transfer Deadline Day" is built on speculation and therefore all info you hear has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

      it's great that he's at OT with Gill, Watkins and Fergie but it still isn't stopping the rumours of us not having permission. Bizarrely.

    • Come on guys think for yourselves.

      What have these news agencies said? That United don't have permission from Spurs.

      Now read between the lines, news agencies hyping up the transfer deadline. Yes, there has been no report that United have permission but, there has been no report to that they don't. Neither club has said anything about Dimi, in fact Spurs haven't said anything about Dimi and City, just Hughes confirmed their bid has been accepted.

      Now, really, do you really think that United are going to go through a whole medical etc with Berbatov right before the transfter deadline, in one of the biggest stories of deadline day and do it without permission? Do you think City would not be screaming bloody murder if they are not being given access to a player that doesn't have the right to speak to United? Or Spurs and Levy for that matter?

      Please think and don't get carried away by all this. A couple hours left, we'll know what happens with him then. But, one thing we can be pretty sure on, United won't be brought up on charges of tapping up the player.

    • Either way, this has been a very entertaining day!!

    • Mind you they could be happy because they are going to be accused of tapping up,you never know

    • Well as we're trading insults you fucking dumb cunt,why put a fucking post with if true,if you,as per usual,know fuck all about anything?Ok for the insults?Now we can get round to constructive discussion i hope.Berbatov has just been seen with sir Alex,David Gill(who seems to have something like a contract in his hands)and all 3 look happy.Does that tell you something?

    • Not being a slimeball going through a mid-life crisis, I have no idea how many times a prostitute uses condoms.
      I would, however, like to know WTF you are on about?
      Where are these changing of minds you speak of?

      How the hell do you know that Utd do have permission?
      Generally when somebody (ie. ME) starts a point with "If true" it generally means I have no idea whether it's true or not. A$$hole!

      IF TRUE (lol), do you seriously think Spurs won't report Utd?

    • How do you know what's going on?You change your mind more times than a prostitute uses condoms.Why haven't Spurs reported United?

    • I want to know how the hell did Saha pass a medical?

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