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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Oct 28, 2008 16:07 Flag

    cristiano ronaldo

    John, I think your honesty on this subject is refreshing.

    Maybe the whole Rooney thing is being blown out of proportion, but I think that no fan of a club would like to see a former player - whether they gave 1 year to their club, or 10, turn out for an opponent, return to their ground playing against them, and kiss their badge as a pretty obvious display of disdain toward his original club.

    OK Rooney took a bollocking and was provoked. But he was foolish. And as John suggests, none of you want to see Ronaldo come back to OT in a sky blue shirt carrying on the same way.

    Oh, and Paul Ince anyone? Yeah, he got a lovely reception from your away fans at Ewood park......let's roll out the excuses now as to why that was different from the bluenoses giving it to Rooney.

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    • I don't think that Rooneys reception at Goodison was out of order the same as i am happy to give shit to players who have left us acrimoniously. If Heinze plays at OT ever again i am sure he is in for a lot of stick from the crowd, and rightly so.
      The stick that Ince got was nothing more than a bit of banter, i don't recall anything venomous.