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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 29, 2009 20:47 Flag

    City squad BETTER than United™

    Absolute two-faced LYING bollox from you as usual Hoodie John the Failure™ .

    I actually said, as i recall, that Citeh would be a force THIS season when Sparkey got to bring in his type of players and the club was stabilised and i am now dilligently PROVING that point to be true, as the awe-inspiring new additions at Middle Eastlands clearly show.

    As you well know John - the LAZER BLUES are now the talk of Manc-chester in every part of the 'Citeh' these days, with the Tevez billboard being a particular favourite of mine.

    What gets me hoodie is that your WHOLE FAMILY are Citeh supporters, yet as usual, blacksheep John the two-faced cnut has to be a pseudo-rebel and support United.

    However, true to form, even that's a CONTRADICTION because here you are a proud FC supporter......... with not one good word to say about the Newton Heath boys™

    Next you'll be telling us you hate scousers, even though your MOTHER IN LAW is one which means your own much-put-upon missus has scouse blood running through her varicose veins too! Hahahaha


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