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    After checking with the FA ( through web sites etc) and statements from the FA.... And to SHUT Sla I mean TEVEZ up

    FACT 1. Rio was charged under FA RULE E26 Regulation 1(c)

    FACT 2 Rio had never tested positive before the incident nor since. This despite the fact Cocaine is traceable in blood for up to 6 weeks

    FACT 3 Rio WAS denied due process by the FA. Having named him as missing the test without having informed Manchester United, It's staff.Nor did they as is required under the FA's own RULES inform Rio or his representative untill AFTER they had named him.

    FACT 4 The FA showed BIAS towards Rio and the missed drugs test given that the FA set a precedent by allowing Manchester City player Christian Negouai to escape with only a £2,000 fine.

    FACT 5 It took the FA two weeks to realise the said drugs test was missed

    FACT 6 The FA took 37 days to think of something to charge Rio with


    E26, with reference to Regulation 1(c) of the FA Doping Control Regulations.

    "Regulation 1(c) refers to "the failure or refusal by a player to submit to drug testing as required by a competent official".

    The FA Rule E26 states that: "A Participant shall comply with the provisions of any doping control regulations as shall be in force from time to time as determined by the Council."


    There is a bit of misinformation out there and that is cocaine is out of your system in 2-3 days. Well while that might be true LABS DON'T TEST FOR THE DRUG ITSELF. Yes, that is true, they look for the metabolite. A metabolite is something that the body produces when it ingests something, in the case of cocaine it is "benzoylecgonine" that will stay around long after the drug is gone, up to 30 days for a frequent user. THE DRUG ITSELF can stay in your bloodstream up to 72 hours. It can stay in your urine for about 1 or up to 3 days after single use. Habitual or chronic use can be detected in urine for up to 12 weeks depending on quantity, duration, and frequency of use.

    Cocain can stay in your hair up to about 90 days. But there are also information that cocaine can stay in your hair for about 25 years after you only take it once.

    Bet ya feel a right plonker now ehh Slaye........I mean TEVEZ.

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