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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jan 3, 2010 07:32 Flag

    Birmingham banana skin!!!

    It looks like fergie is choosing quite a strong team to face Leeds. Three days later you need a strong team against Man City. Three days later you have an away match at St Andrews.

    Point dropped?

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    • Looks like the banana skins are coming early.

      If Leeds can do ya, what's gonna happen against Man City and Birmingham.

      This is a disgraceful performance.

      5 minutes left and Leeds haven't been lucky, they deserve to win.

    • Since when do you get 2 points for a draw slayer ?

    • All we have at the moment is press speculation and besides a strong utd team doesn`t have to be one made up of first choice players. Having said that there isn`t too much choice in defence - especially at centre half where utd may well have to field Vidic and Brown unless Evans is fit. Neville is likely to start cause having been out for several weeks he needs time on the pitch. So its really a question of who plays in goal and who plays at left back - Evra or Fabio? Utd strongest midfield pairing at the moment appears to be Carrick and Fletcher and I would be surprised if either of them play but that still leaves Scholes, Anderson and Gibson to chose from - and there are not too many teams in the premiership who wouldn`t love to have those 3 in their team. Out wide I think he will go for Obertan and one other. Again I would be surprised if he started with Valencia but because Nani is injured he may be tempted to select Giggs - although personally I`d like to see Tosic given a chance. Upfront I think he will go for Owen and Welbeck - a partnership that has worked well in the Carling Cup. As for the city game SAF has said on several occasions that he will stick with the youngsters - but again his choices in defence are likely to be limited.