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  • Roy Roy Jan 8, 2014 16:14 Flag

    The Verdict

    The Jury has concluded that Mark Duggan was 'Lawfully Killed'

    All right minded people knew he was killed lawfully anyway. The only people who will miss him or say otherwise, are his family and fellow criminals!

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    • Duggan shouldn't be running around with a gun if he didn't want to heighten the risk of being shot by over eager armed police.

      Nasty situation, but brought on by the eventual victim.

    • And what a surprise that his 'supporters' in court are disgracing themselves further with their disorder and conduct!

      I presume that now, at the tax payers expense, appeal after appeal will now take place!!

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      • And now they shout the Police Officer down..............Freedom of speech only applies to them eh!

        And the criminal that is Diane Abbot says "if he did not have a gun in his hand, how can it be a lawful killing ?"............Well, all that matters is, did the Police believe he was armed and dangerous. The fact he didn't actually have a gun in his hand at the time is irrelevant.

        Duggan was criminal SCUM. The rioters are criminal SCUM. Duggan's family basically called for more disturbance in defiance at the decision...........proof if ever it were needed that she has the morals of SCUM.