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    Transfer Activity

    I thought it might be interesting to estimate the level of transfer activity rather than who might come in, as it is barometer of how optimistic we are. I'll kick off by saying I reckon we'll spend about £18M net on players....although I hope I'm wrong and we'll spend much more. What does everyone else think? At the end of the summer we'll see who is closest (assumimg there are no undisclosed fees).

    Oh and let's keep this board football as it is like a bun fight on the noses board...and I'm not playing!


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    • With the sale of Barry, I reckon in the region of 40-50 million or at least I hope.

    • Ok Im going in at 22million

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      • Whether its 10,20,50 million or 20p, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that the players we get are good.

        We don't need another Baros thank you very much. The best thing we ever did was swap him for Carew. I wasn't surprised when the boss of the french club we offloaded him to got sacked recently. Only an idiot would expect anything from Baros.

        The only annoying thing is that we don't get linked with players very often, so it sounds as if nothing is going on, when I suspect MON is working away hard behind the scenes.

        Shame we didn't get into europe on league position, would have made it a bit easier to get some players.

        If Ronaldiniho (sp) is after a challenge, he should sign for us instead of Man City! lol

    • they used a lounge singer who was also the caberet singer at the holiday inn wish i could remember her name ,, fantastic breasts as i recall but we were a busy hotel and i never had the time to try and get the lady out for a drink. jesus where did that 30 years go,,

    • Crossroads was brill.
      Benny should have got an Oscar for the way he said "Miss Doyanne". Never been bettered.
      Maybe you're right about the Mancs having a slightly better footie team but Corrie couldn't touch Crossroads.......

    • i have never been sure what pissed me off most about the manc`s..
      that they produced better soap in the 70`s..

      or that they produced a slightly better football team in the noughties,
      maybe 1 day i will put the time in to work that 1 out,,

    • I thought so too Roy....he went ...I think it was....7 games without concedeing a goal...then got left out. I think Hart gave Sven an altermatum...play me or sell me, and Sven gave in...

      I like Kasper....wouldnt mind him at S A . Heard Tottenham were looking at him too. Someone had better be quick !

    • That was a strange one Nig.

      Casper Schmeichel was doing well in a winning Man City team and all of a sudden he's not just put on the bench, but farmed out on loan down the divisions!

      Didn't make much sense to me?

    • You're really talking to the wrong person here about Villa signings Ali..the other lads on this board are more expert than me as I frequent the ground over the road.....I , due to the nature pf my work get to see Villa one home game in three, so I suppose I can judge...Goalie is a bit un decisive occasionally....Petrov needs winding up before each game....Coker ...undecided still, but Harewood...I was very critical of him when he first arrived...after seeing him a few times since..he did fine so still undecided, but he is a good back up man...very strong. Think you need to pay Barry well and offer him a knighthood...one you shouldn't lose..but if he wants to sit on the bench at Anfield, theres not much you can do about it really.

      Might sound odd, but I liked Peter Schmeichels lad Kasper when he was at Man Citeh...worth a gamble I would think, even if he is a little on the small side...

    • Bliney Mike ...you must be older than me...Amy Turtle, Benny, Sandy, Meg and Hugh would be impressed you remember them...I certainly DO NOT. !!

    • could you lads please choose your words more carefully.. a bunch of brummies talking about crossroads takes me back to a place i dont wish to be,,,,

      with thanks for your future considerations on the subject.. respectfully yours M.

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