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  • Lottolee Lottolee Jul 8, 2011 22:42 Flag

    B4ts and the other view

    Of course we moan, but is there light at the end of the tunnel? Will we be appeased? I think what pi**es Leeds fans off is how business has been done, I mean come on we could of bought Thorpe Arch but hey no it makes more business sense to pay extortionate rates every year than have an asset. Yes at the moment we are worried that nothing has happened and players have left, and had there been investment last season we would be back where we do belong. Yes we are not the only club who are not spending, look at Arsenal, Leicester seem to be the only club spending taking the risk, did they not go into administration recently? So fingers crossed when we go to Scotland we will have added a few TOP players and then the mood will change. Bates knows fine well as soon as a few TOP players are signed he will gain more season tickets and prob sell out the Geordie game.
    M.O.T forever

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    • Think it's all about sense and sensibility really. If the powers to be are hell bent on stabilization and recharging the batteries, then the moans will have to continue for a while yet. Think the brilliant performances in the FA cup the past couple of years have maybe whetted the appetite a bit prematurely.

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      • Gents,

        I have not posted on here for a while but still review your comments and I know everyone wants LUFC back in the top flight, sure Bates knows that to, but we have to be realistic, he is not going to throw the cheque book around to make that happen, sure the team wasn't good enough last season to gain promotion, hence, players have left, I think we all agree these palyers weren't good enough so no loss there, all except for Kasper. Sure both Bates and Larry know we need to improve the squad and they must get players in at the right price, even if they are on a free as long as they are good enough and not just average money grabbers, with no passion for Leeds. I suppose we will all have to wait and see who comes in