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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jul 23, 2011 17:23 Flag

    Played 4 scored 3

    What a great start to pre-season!
    We have played 4 mediocre teams and managed the total of 3 goals (+ an own goal).
    Larry says we don't need a striker, but where are the goals going to come from. Sure Gradel, Nunez, Howson will score 3 or 4 but you need a 20 goal season from someone and we haven't got anyone. Paynter hasn't been able to hack it and McCormack is obviously not doing it either. Becchio when he returns will score 10 or more but he had an exceptional scoring season last year and may well not repeat it this season. Somma will be out for most of the season if the extent of his injury is as bad as feared.
    KB won't spend any money and we will be in the sh1t.
    As I said a month ago we will be lucky to escape relegation if we are not careful.
    Of course this could all be a plot to give KB an excuse to get rid of Larry at Xmas and bring back Denis Wise as the club saviour giving him millions to spend.
    All the secrecy about who we were going to sign has backfired as obviously no decent player wants to come to LU anymore as they can see how they will be treated by the current regime.
    The 'Bates OUT' banners should be in vivid colours from the 1st match in my opinion.

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    • Jesus Christ, I'm sure we had the same moaning people on this site last year when we got battered by Bury, give them a chance for f'#ks sake, Becchio's out, Somma's out but Nunez could be the key this year, Grayson seems to be giving Clayton an extended run in the Team and playing McCormack most times so he must be thinking he's the main man till Becchio comes in, he's a confidence player and with the likes of you lot getting on his case he's not likely to score any goals, lets give him till end of August when the transfer window shuts before getting on your high horses.

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      • Smudge we all want to give them a chance, and everyone wants success at Leeds, lets hope we do sign someone but we need to get them in now to blood them in for the season, yeah the youth are coming through which is great and ive always seen quality in Nunez and McCormack, but believe me the fans are getting restless and if we have a poor start I fear low crowds, alot of fans are boycotting Elland Road and are only going to away matches, Bates has had alot of money off US ALL so it should be invested in the team for Larry. The other Smudge has been released now so no excuses he either wants to finish his career at Leeds and win the fans back or take his pay day else where. M.O.T Leeds fans together forever..

      • Smudge I agree Nunez could be the key, and most of us on this site thought he would be the key last season, but he was sent to Scunthorpe so that he couldn't help us get promoted which KB didn't want to happen.
        McCormack had quite a few chances at the back end of last season and didn't take them, but he must have something otherwise he wouldn't be on the fringe of the Scotland squad.
        I don't moan about my team I love them passionately, but it isn't too difficult for us to see the flaws, so why can't Larry and KB.

    • Bryan, do you think that Dennis and Gus probably had knowledge of what was going on that's why they jumped ship? Seems strange considering that LU were on a roll at the time!