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  • Andrew Andrew Dec 27, 2011 19:34 Flag

    Beware The End is Nigh. Is the Barnsley Chop on Simons menu? .

    'Great dream, Lotto. I wish I could share it... Even better would be if Larry and the lads lived it... but, ATM, I don't think they have the imagination!

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    • "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
      Albert Einstein

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      • Changing Horses in the Middle of a Race? Utter Madness! A nearby Stadt (Krefeld) did just this, not once but twice! Last season their Ice Hockey Team (Die Penguins), had a very low budget and imagined a dismal season, but their Coach put togeather a side that got to the Semi.Finals! This year after a good start the coach was sacked, reason unknown, new coach, poor results and now they are lingering just above the bottom third of the League! Also last year their Football Team got themselves promoted, after seventeen lean years of falling frfom the Budesliga into the bottom depths of Amateur Football! What happens? After a good start in the newly form NRW League, the Trainer is sacked, reason unknown! Result, bad results and they are taking a nose dive, prehaps out of the League! Moral? DO NOT CHANGE TRAINERS/MANAGER/COACHES in the middle of a Season! Madness