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  • Tom Tom Jul 3, 2012 20:56 Flag

    Guess the new owner

    I was just about to post in similar vein Andy. How NW has let Butterfield slip through the transfer window is unbelievable. Even now the suggestion is that the transfer fee has gone to arbitration which suggests that the initial fee offered was "peanuts". At twenty two he would have been ideal to build a team for the future! I am becoming a little uneasy about NW as I fear as I posted earlier his plans are for the immediate future IE to achieve "his goal" and not the long term future of the club. I do hope the new owners who ever they may be confront Warnock about extending the length of his tenure to meet the demands likely to evolve when our boat comes in. How can he complain about Aidy delaying signing on for a longer spell when he is here for a possible 12 months and no more. I honestly do like Warnock and believe that at present he is the right man for the job only results will tell and 12 months will be an eternity if we don't get off to a flyer.
    Martin Cranie highly rated defender who can play anywhere along the back line has just made himself available by refusing to sign another contract for Coventry @ 25 and ex under England 21 player 6 ft tall lets see if he goes for him he is on a free!!