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  • matt matt Feb 16, 2009 07:15 Flag

    Eurosport sponsoring Armstrong?

    I am seriously thinking of stopping watching Eurosport. Its bad enough in the summer when we have to listen to Channel 4's Sherwin and Liggot blurting on like some love sick teenagers over Armstrong.

    I used to escape and listen to Harmin and Kelly. NowHarmin is getting as bad - do you think Armstrong recieved Valentines cards / presents from all or any of the presenters and reports (apart from Kimmage)!

    Give it a rest guys there are 100+ other riders in the pack during any and every race Don't harp on about one of the most hated ppl in sport! If you treated him like any other rider less people would get upset or annoyed everytime they hear his name.

    The tour of California has no credibility to me - esp now that there are so many 'reformed' drug cheats riding. It is an American Race and they will, it seems, allow any one to ride!

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    • I agree the media coverage and whole hype around Lance is getting a bit OTT. But Lance has not asked for it. He has come back into cycling to bring some attention to cancer sufferers through his charity LAF. He is a top bloke. It is a pity that the media look upon his cycling achievements as his greatest, which IMO are not. The way his charity is helping others who suffer from cancer, or maybe the family of someone who have just passed away from cancer is bigger than any TDF win IMO. I am sure he would like media people to ask him more about his charity but they dont.

      Having followed him on his twitter page during the past week, and interacted with him along with many others, it is clear to see that he is a great guy. He maybe a sporting legend, but he tries to remain as normal as posible amidst the circus that follows him.

      I am sure he doesnt want to take attention from the sport of cycling in general but since no other major cyclist has ever come back from retirement he will have a lot of attention. Hopefully it will cool down in the next few months.

      I hope the media companies that follow cycling look at his reasons for coming back into cycling and try and help bring much needed attention to the his charity the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

    • I am sure Lance gets up our noses more than most, but you can understand why he is in the public eye as much as he is, for one 7x tour winner, survived cancer, dedicated to the sport more than any other sportsman/woman ever, he has never not achived his aim's and he pulls the best looking females ever!!! Give the guy a break, hi is good, and we ALL wish we could be in his shoes, ok minus the cancer part!!!

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      • "dedicated to the sport more than any other sportsman/woman ever"

        Really? Perhaps you'd do well to look at cycling history in a bit more depth.

        "he pulls the best looking females ever"

        Ah yes, now that offers a lot to the sport... :rolls eyes:

        "and we ALL wish we could be in his shoes"

        I think you'll find that's not the case... possibly particularly amongst those of us who are keen cyclists/followers of the sport who just happen to be a different gender. I know I don't wish to be in his shoes.

        I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone but this seeming mindless adoration of 'St Lance' is nauseating to put it politely. Indeed it gets to the point where it detracts from enjoyment of the sport overall.

    • I only watch with the sound turned down - or completely mute when Mr Harmon is on. All of this corporate brown-nosing and name dropping just sends me off to sleep - did anyone get fed up with all that 'new era' #$%$ last night. I really miss David Duffield, and his 'what I eat last night' stories.
      No mention of the terrain, landscape or culture of the areas the races pass through - could be anywhere. These guys don't care as long as they can look longingly at the kit, and the #$%$ of the guys on bikes

      And, by the way, David Harmon - James Dean died because some idiot turned left out of Route 41, directly in his path. He didn't wreck his Merc out of carelessness, and the speed he was travelling didn't cause the collision.


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      • Go Eddy go.
        James Dean was driving his new Porsche 550 Spyder with a photographer following him. En route to Salinas, Dean was pulled over by police officers near Bakersfield for speeding around 3:30 p.m.Two hours later, around 5:30 p.m., they were driving westbound on Highway 466 (now called State Route 46), when a 1950 Ford Tutor pulled out in front of them. Twenty-three-year-old Donald Turnupseed, who was driving the Ford Tutor, has been traveling east on Highway 466 and was attempting to make a left turn onto Highway 41. Unfortunately, Turnupseed had already started to make his turn before he saw the roaring Porsche traveling quickly toward him. Without time to turn, the two cars smashed nearly head-on. James Dean was the idiot killed in the accident.

    • I do agree with some comments and they do go on a little to much about Lance I think they should sing about Yens Voight a little more.A work horse and an attacking entertainig rider and an all round good guy

    • Ahhh ,but St Lance can't do anything wrong can he???? I'm really getting fed up with the terrible 'love in' between Eurosport and Armstrong, it's getting sickeningly sycophantic now. Just becasue Armstrong needs to bost his ego by staging a comback doesn't mean that Eurosport have to follow him round with big puppy dog eyes. Lets just have objective coverage of all events giving a balanced picture of the race without the silly 'Lance is the best cyclist ever' rubbish. End of rant!

    • It's arguable whether Armstrong is even the greatest Tour de France cyclist since Merckx's record is superior there, too...

      I'm amazed that anyone would think those who are fed up with the veneration of Armstrong are 'newbies' - it's quite clear that the over emphasis on 'St Lance' annoys die hard, knowledgeable fans of the sport, as Helen, points out.

      There's a whole host of riders greater than Armstrong - look at a certain Sean Kelly's palmares, for example

    • On a similar associated theme, the Eurosport trailer for AToC refers to LA as 'the greatest cyclist of all time'. Now, I don't know if messers Harmon et al write the copy for these said trailers but LA is NOT the greatest cyclist of all time. That honour is undoubtedly bestowed by almost all credible cycling commentators on Eddie Mercx based on grand tour, one day, Classic and World Championship performances. Yet more unimaginative hyperbole from cycling media editors and copywriters!

    • Aye... already bored of the Worship at the Church of Lance sermons. I'm thinking of watching with the sound turned off... Ok, so LA has won seven TdFs and that is undoubtedly a major, major achievement, but there's only so many times that can be banged on about before it becomes seriously boring. I'm watching the cycling in spite of the LA worship.

    • well i agree totally about armstrong....i'm tired of hearing about him and seeing the same old clips, and hearing same old debates.

      as for americans allowing anyone to race....umm...those dopers are part of european teams as well, and except for landis and hamilton, you'll see them racing in classics and grand tours as well.

      just sayin :)