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  • Philip Philip Apr 23, 2007 19:01 Flag

    Where do we go from here?

    Im a Sunderland fan and its fair to say you have played some excellent football this season and you have a good manager, be it with a big mouth.When we played you at home you were scoring for fun and beating everyone until we won 1-2.then for mowbry to come out on telly and media and say "I wanna be gratious in defeat but the best team lost today.Taking nothing from sunderland( yeh right yer sour face smoggy) we score more goals than them,play better football then them and will finish higher than them.Sunderland are a very good defensive side( yeh miles behin w brom with a massive goaldifferance o f five)and that showed today"
    beating west brom in there own back yard 1-2 and taking six points not bad for a defensive side.My point is .................sinse he was hit on the head that day i have seen you loose points and points and struggle. and it could be us again, in the playoffs.

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    • Very good point im also a sunderland fan, and it only seems like yesterday that thick smoggy mowbray came out with his pathetic comments, when we beat wba in their back yard,

      just seen wba lose 3 - 2 away to burnley tonight and mowbray looked a beaten man, cant wait to hear his comments after this and see if their as good as the #$%$ that trudged from his smoggy gob when we beat them before,

      hope you dont make the play offs but if you do hope you lose in the final,

      you small club in birmingham ............................