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  • andy c andy c Jan 8, 2008 15:07 Flag

    Defoe can go

    Do you reckon this is for real? If true, the boss seems pretty ruthless, and has made up his mind by the sounds of it.

    I say sell Defoe. I've never rated him over Keane. I have never considered him as England class either. Whatever big club he goes to, he will be on the bench. He will only get a full game for a team like Blackburn.

    I cannot pin point the reason for my views. Is he too small, eg not an arial threat? Is he too inconsistent? Does he not bring others into the game? Is it his first touch? Is it lack of imagination/creativeness? Is it that he can remain invisible in a game?

    I just feel like we cannot rely on the fella to put in the performances week in and week out to get us in the top 5.

    Saying that, I think he is better than Bent.

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    • My point about Defoe not being a sharp finisher? It happened in the 85th minute against Arsenal today. Maybe that's why none of the big clubs are breathing down our neck to steal him.

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      • I always thought that Defoe was an Owen type player.......The difference being that Owen (pre injuries) was the real deal and Defoe was a poor mans version.

        Not that i'm knocking Defoe when comparing him to Owen,as Owen in his pomp was as good a goal scorer (not fancy football,just goals) as anybody in the world at the time. adely those days are gone.

      • That and the fact that he seems to have adopted a Cisse skid mark over his head.

        What a berk.

        Now if Aaron Lennon came up for grabs. That would be different. I was mightly impressed with his speed in the 92nd minute of last nights game.

    • Defoe left the Spammers because of ambition...and what's kipper on about...is a bad thing if Defoe would do what 99.9% of all other players would do?

      The offside thing...no ones lazier than Berbatov mate (lets face it, he starts, he's on the pitch more, so its easier to see).

      Yeah JD has his footballing faults, but, again, look at the chances sqaundered by our starting strikers. I remember in the darker days of this season our top score was Tony Gardner...and it wasn't because we weren't creating chances for our front men...its that they were missing them!

      Aerial threat...no, he'll never be that...so why do we constantly and without fail play high balls into him? Vision...not much there to argue about, but he does have an eye for goal (even if it is a bit wonky at times). Greedy is the main one usually used against this man...what striker isn't?

      I'm not trying to convert anyone that doesn't rate Defoe, its just that the reasons given are weak.

      If he goes, he goes (I see a hat-trick by him against us in the not too distant future). I'd rather he stay...I don't believe he wants to stay because Manure or scouse or scum haven't come in for him, he wants playing time at Spurs. A middling team like Blackburn (who are better than us at the moment) he might get a bunch more playing time (especially with McCarthy in and out of Hughes' dog house)...maybe even join back up with Mido at Boro? There's a bunch of teams who could use him...but he wants to play for us...and that's got to count for something in this day and age. (See fence sitting Berbatov...I haven't heard him say anything related to what HIS agent...the person hired to REPRESENT HIM...is saying to the press. He certainly hasn't come out of his face and said anything from the gut like JD has...has he?

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      • I didn't give an opinion on it being a good or bad thing. I was simply replying to Alfie's view that Defoe was a loyal Spurs player.

        I said why players seem loyal/disloyal.....Am i wrong? I think not!

      • I don't think he's greedy as such, I think it's just that he knows he has more to prove than any other striker on the team, and has been in that situation for the last 2 seasons. Think about it, whenever Keane was injured last season or the one before - i.e. when he was 3rd choice instead of 4th - he's been much more the 'sharing striker' type you're after... because he could be. It didn't matter if he got goals then, he could guarantee being selected for the next game. Keane and Berb have that luxury now, so they can afford think more holistically about it. Bent's the same as Defoe, the difference being that there's no quality there.

        As for loyalty - couldn't agree more Rambr0. I think the obvious argument is that we're his best chance of winning anything (before anyone disagrees, we're still in 3 cups, and - let's be honest - the UEFA cup should be the easiest way for any team outside the top 4 to get silverware), but I really believe he'd rather have a career than a medal for benchwarming. Yet he's still here. To me, that's loyalty.

    • This is my view about Defoe. I give him full marks for his loyalty to stay on with the team while patiently waiting his turn from the bench. Even now, after being told by One-Day Ramos to go, he is willing to stay and challenge for his place.

      But from a footballing viewpoint, he has the following weaknesses:
      1. He doesn't "see" the rest of the field very well, and so he does not link up with a second forward or attacking midfielders well at all. He seldom looks to pass to a teammate in a better position and if he does, the decision to pass or the pass itself is poor.
      2. Reason No. 1 means he can only be at the end of a series of passes that set up a strike at goal. That is fine if he is an absolutely deadly finisher, and he is not really that either. He has done somewhat better lately, but under MJ, I remember a lot of wasted chances.
      3. He is a truly lazy player when it comes to staying onside, which wastes a lot of promising passes coming out of midfield.
      4. He can be very spectacular in making something out of nothing and a lot of people remember him for those rare situations. But those odds are very long. I prefer a player who can finish off moves set up by clever midfield buildup where the odds of happening are much better.

      I would let him stay at the club, but if forced to make a decision to sell, I would sell him.

    • I'll be disappointed if Defoe goes. He has the right attitude and wants to stay. A trait not seen on these shores by many foreigners, and that is worth its wait in gold. For example Fabregas would never show loyalty like Defoe

    • I've always made my views on Defoe really clear (most underrated player in the league in my book), but I think he'll go because he's been treated badly by the club. Virtually every time he's come on this season he's performed, yet every time it's counted for nothing come the next game, and to rub salt in the wound that waste of time, space and money Bent has clearly been rated above him.

      'Stars in his eyes' Berbatov (yeah he's good, he's really good, but he's just not as good as all of this hype - he's inconsistent, gets sulky, has childish strops at inappropriate times and a player of the quality he can be should be a leader for the team instead of looking pissed off when the rest can't read his mind) clearly prefers Keane, which I think is where some of this stems. I also think the reason many fans dislike him is because they still have in the back of their mind how he left West Ham, so see him as mercenary. it's a valid reason to dislike a footballer, but you have to look at the bigger picture.

      I was really pleased for Mido when he settled in to Middlesborough so well and so fast (so many people conveniently forgot that he was our team star the season before), but when Defoe goes I hope he goes on to have an amazing career.