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    Great post from ManUre

    Have noticed this post on the ManUre board - point 5 obviously is extremely amusing - but to make it funnier obviously should have mentioned the EIGHTEEN years at Chelsea and the FIFTEEN at @rsenal to make it truly a classic.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again "to be classed as a big team, you need to be able to beat the big clubs"

    Is it the water or something in the `toon` air that turns once good defenders in to complete crap when they join newcastle?

    What kind of glasses do liverpool fans wear that make average players who play for them look world class?

    Did Benitz think having a goatee would turn him in to a great manager?

    Are they going to install revolving doors in the manager`s office at newcastle?

    Which will happen first the end of the world or spurs beating utd in the premiership?

    Is there some unknown law of the universe which says fulham mustn`t be allowed to win away from home?

    Why do English players like Walcott sign for a manager who rarely includes English players in his first team?

    Where is David Jones?

    Is it Roy Keane`s ambition to field a sunderland team made up entirely of players who either played for utd or are on loan from utd?

    Who is more deluded - liverpool fans who think they will win the premiership or Robbie Savage who thinks he can save derby from relegation?

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