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    Keane v Berbatov ( Scousers v Manure )!!

    The EPL has a funny way of throwing up a fixture where two strikers from one team end up on opposing sides.

    Question is:- Which of our 2 ex-strikers will end scoring or end up on the winning side or do we even give a damn which side win?

    Answer:- Keane will be my choice!!

    Reason:- Because I hate Manure & Barbatov more!!!

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    • Berba may be a little rusty as Bulgaria didn't play last night, and he's not had the chance to train with any of the Manure team since the move. Keano has had the advantage of being with the Scousers since pre-season despite his goal drought.

      If they'd only stayed with us they probably would have had a handful of goals between them and had us further up the table than 19th - but that's another story!

      I reckon it'll be a boring match, either 0-0 or 1-1 but neither of them to score. I'll probably be completely wrong, but if there has to be a winner I hope it's the Scousers just to get up SAF's nose!

    • It's just a good story line for the press. In reality they like and respect each other, so what's the big deal. 1-1 they both score (NOT!! Torres scores for the scouse, but don't be surprised if Berbatoss scores for Manure).

      BTW why do dislike berbatov more than Keane...just curious

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      • Rambr0,

        You asked why I hate Berb's more then Keane? I hope this explains my reasoning!!

        It must have something to do with Berb's attitude towards Spurs before he left to join Manure - it still rankles me that he went about getting his transfer to Manure in entirely the wrong way!!.

        I think that Keane would have been a little bit more professional in the way he left - so I do not feel as much animosity towards Keane as I do for Berbatov.

        As for the score between Scousers & Manure? 1-1 with neither Keane or Berbs scoring!!

      • I possibly see a goalless draw. If any goals scored I bet a Utd win, and I possibly see Berb scoring (no chance for Keane though), and if so he'll be set up by Rooney.

        A lot of ifs & buts there!