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  • How important do you think the City game is?
    Another win there and we're within 1 point of the current 10th place (obviously that will change over the weekend) and it drags City down.
    Vital 3 points (as will the next 33 be!)...

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    • Great game........have a few negatives to share....Ekotto is just not up to the job at left back.....He has made a number of errors in the last couple of games....I would much prefer to see Gunter be give a try out there....Or anyone else....
      Bentley had another poor game. Some of his crossing was just not up to par. They are the only two issue I could see.

      Bent is just pure class always new he would come good. Thudd was excellent as was Jenas for setting up the 2nd.

      Great results and great overall performances....so its all good news.

    • Hey John, every game is vital now until we get over 40 points and mid table. Even then we might need to be careful as it looks like its going to be very tight this year.

      Once (or should I say if so as not to put the mockers on it!) we get to mid table there is the danger that we take our foot off the pedal cos there isnt any reason to try and get higher (my guess europe will definately be well out of reach by then) but I hope not.

      3 points this weekend should get us out of the "zone" and hopefully we will stay out. COYS!

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      • S,
        I think this one is more important than the liverpool game. Liverpool - a draw would have been good - the win was fantastic.
        But now you have to keep the momentum going and also try to drag the 'catchable' team into the same predicament. I think old Sparky will realise that if he loses this one, he's nearly in as much trouble as us - so I think he'll be going hell for leather for it.
        And from dear ol' 'arry's (enough apostrophies there to keep my old english master bemused for weeks) perspective, a lose could see us rooted firmly at the bottom again - and then he has to pick them up again (and he then doesn't have that 'new broom' factor) - so I think this is one of those season defining games. The day the team really do show they have the belief back.

        All (!) I hope for is:
        - a consistent team
        - not running scared
        - playing to win
        - no stupid red/yellow cards

        I think we can do it - aren't city one of those few teams that we tend to do well against? A good 3-2 away win would suit me - just to show we can score away from home as well (Hud, Bent and Modric)

    • Well, that throws it wide open.
      We're back in the mix with 10th position now in range (obviously depending on other results). Who would have thought this 3 weeks back?

      Where was Bale yesterday though? Didn't see him on the injured list or subs bench.

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      • I spotted Bale sitting behind Harry on the bench on MOTD2 last night. Apart from that I have no info as to why he didnt get on.

        I know we are only a couple of wins from top half but so is everyone else it seems. Its a lot tighter down there than its been for years and its anyones guess who the bottom 3 will be come May. We are only 1 point off bottom still so we must keep this great run going at least until we come up against Manure next month...if we are still going good by then we could even take points off them too.

    • to you maybe mel! sfer's was certainly eye candy for me ;-)

    • tut tut mel, don't knock sfer for his avatar, i've seen yours on the gentlemans board! you naughty girl ;-)

    • Berlin you are one sick man! but you are right about Kentish's avatar on the other site - I did not think about that. If Brad is ok for her on there then is she saying that my special woman is not good enough for anyone else? Shame on you Kentish!

    • Good point Rambro.......we dont need others to lose in order to climb out of relegation danger...........if we are good enough we'll do that of our own accord.............
      ....'IF we are good enough'....hmm who'd have thought we'd be asking that question after 11 games?
      I hate predicting scores, points tally's and anything to do with stats..........so here goes..1 point each against Citeh and Everton, 9 against Fulham and Blackburn and West Ham!

      Dont panic EY hasnt gone soft...I will change my mind tomorrow on these predictions.

    • Hahaha! If that's naughty then guilty as charged Berlin - but at least mine's eye candy!!!

    • Well at least it proves the "someone for everybody" theory! If anything it's the size of the knickers that is the most disturbing!

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