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  • Thye'll be no more talk of Diarra and probably no more talk of Arshavin either.

    I think Spurs will fly quietly below the radar this January while Man City are the ones getting spurned by all and sundry as we were supposed to have been this past summer. I don't envy their fans (didn't they want Diarra, as well? Ha ha!

    If, as was said in another thread that Daniel Levy is keeping the spotlight away from us by saying we're not going in for much if any thing this coming transfer window, then good for him (so long as we pick up someone left footed who can tackle and has a bit of pace...not asking much am I!).

    If Diarra has gone for the reputed 24 mil then that puts Pompey sitting pretty to keep a lot of the players they said Harry would raid.

    Let's see who else goes early (funny this January transfer window, isn't it...people flying off left and right...and it's still December!).

    Lastly...why is Bent not starting?

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    • Good idea but we've got our own ice age to hit here first. Once the ice cap melts the fresh water, this will then dilute the salty water causing the conveyer belt to stop working giving us the same weather as Alaska. So get cracking and strike while the irons hot haha.

      hey at least the beers will be cold eh. Yea it'll be the end of the world but theres nothing worse than a warm beer

    • Hey Alfie You might be right. Got me thinking. With all this "Global Warming" I could probably do a good trade up there with fridges, those Eskimos won't have much snow soon!!!
      What building materials do you think I could sell them too?
      No snow, No igloos, No homes!!
      Perhaps they could utilize all these black plastic sacks and stack them up to make walls? Get rid of some of our refuse mountain at the same time.... He He.
      Why don't those boffins in Whitehall come up with such brilliant ideas???????

    • Ahhh so youre denying any involvement in broadcasting the Spurs match yet openly suggesting we part with 1 pound and 99 pence for the privilege. You could sell fridges to Eskimos you

      Its an outrage ;) Conning the public like that. Well done great value LOL

    • Hey Alfie.. It's not on my "private internet channels" tonight, but' if you can afford £1.99 and you have an internet connection, it's on..........
      Tottenham Hotspurs web site... TV online!!!!!!! It is a BLUE site anyway so maybe this is the same! LOL he he.

    • apparently we have to lose by 2 clear goals and nijmegen have to beat udinese by 2 clear goals in order for us not to qualify, basically then a point from tonight is all we need to definnitely go through ;-)

    • I havent got the table in front of me but I think Im right in assuming that ,bar a mathematical miracle, we are basically gaurenteed 3rd spot at least anyway.
      I say play as many youngsters as you want Harry.....let em off the leash and lets see if anyone can rise to the opportunity and grab their future by the b*lls!, swing em round their head with a 'hurrah' and get their name in tomorrows papers!!

    • yea agree Ram, no more talk of these players. Diarra and Arshavin would of been great but we we DON'T want is old has beens like me, teddy sheringham and Nicky Barmby coming back;). But then i guess Harry hasnt attracted those sort of players of late. Sam Allardyce is the man for that now. Blackburn Rovers will go down that road and its a road that goes downhill all the way to the Tescos Own Brand Cola League...well it probably will be called that next season.

      Talking of credit crunches, does anyone fancy a spam sandwich on extremely thin sliced Happy Shopper bread?

    • Hi Rambro. According to the website Bent hasn't trained since Monday, has tonsilitis. Campbell should be fit but he is the only "SENIOR" striker. If he's senior I must be antiquated!!!
      Sounds like there'll be a few youngsters in the squad if not starting. It's live on Spurs TV. Let's hope we can get at least a draw and no further injuries.

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      • This going to be a dfinite chance for the young 'uns to step up and shine. (I'm taking the positive tract here).

        No King, No Woody...no Corluka or Pavy (cup-tied)...Jenas? Definitely no Hutton...or Dos Santos...how do we line up...who do we line up.

        Assou Ekotto (LB)
        Zokora (RB)
        Huddlestone (CB)
        Dawson (CB)
        O'Hara (DM)
        Bentley (RAM)
        Lennon (LAM)
        Modric (CAM)
        Campbell (ST)

        and a mystery person in a mystery role...maybe well see Bostock start as the 5th midfielder right behind Modric...or Bale.

        Is Gunter healthy? he could take the RB spot and Zokora could partner Dawson in the middle of the defense with Huddlestone holding...then there's always Ghaly, KPB (most likely not though)...and what about Taarabt...did he all of a sudden become a non-player?

        Tomorrow will tell...