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  • Blimey people....I expected a bit of doom n gloom this morning plus our usual window lickers paying us a visit but shouldnt we all just calm down a little?
    Dont get me wrong..Im as p*ssed off by last nights showing as anyone but correct me if i'm wrong..didnt HR state its not a priority? So what then happens....we play our reserves away from home on a dodgy pitch and get beat! A Surprise?Shaktar deserved the result but lets face it they were poor themselves. Surely a full strength team would have mopped them up? So who was missing.....Cudicini, King, Woody, Corluka, Bale, Lennon, Modric, Pav, Keane, Defoe, OHara, Ekotto....for one thing its got to have proved that Jenas, Bentley, Hudd, Gomes, Zokora are not up to standard and need to be shipped out in the summer. As for Bent...its plain to see HR doesnt rate him and thats why he didnt start.....end of. Whether you agree or not the message from HR was loud n clear no?
    Im surprised to read some of the post match comments in here today I must admit........giving back your tickets? Handing the CC to ManU?....we may not win it but it will be a different team who plays that day and I will be cheering them on regardless. Im not one for jumping on bandwagons and perhaps you could accuse me of playing devils advocate here this morning but come on yids.....disappointment is an occupational hazard of supporting Spurs but virtual capitulation??... well we reserve that for the likes of WetSpam and the goons dont we?

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    • Wolfie - We all go through insecure moments during a season. I know I certainly do but that is one of the great things about being one supporter amongst many.When we see a fellow supporter going through a rough patch we should pick him up and help him see the positive points.

      Glad to have you back on track Mike.

    • ey this is maybe the best message i've read on here and as i've stated on here all week the season changes at hull thanks for making us see sense and lets get the kc rocking for the boys on monday come on you yids

    • Ok Sfer,

      Of course you are absolutely right - I just had a bad day in the office!

      I guess my reaction is a little bit hypocritical ( especially as I have the immortal words 'THFC - KEEP THE FAITH' printed on my England flag ). I mean if I don't believe in my own words, then I have no business being a Spurs fan!

      I will start to see things in a more positive light once our performances start to pick up - which will be very soon!

    • tbh, i thought the team did quite well considering, shaktar looked rusty, but that's to be expected after the break they've had, all in all a good debut for parrett, it was a chance for bentley and jenas to step up to the plate, sadly imo both failed miserably, gds showed glimpses of what he can do but he needs match time, i think 'arry has his priorities right, the uefa cup is the least of our worries ;-)

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      • I will admit I only say the last 20 mins yest (stupid family visiting) and haven't had a chance to read the comments or news articles about it, but I can't say I'm surprised. I'd also like to apologise; with 15 mins to go I said "0-0'll do me, I'd prefer 1-1 but 0-0's fine with me"... I won't do it again, I see now what it leads to.

        However, straight after the final whistle both me and my mate I was watching with agreed to get tickets to go watch it next week - I figure it's gonna be the easiest match for a long time to get tickets for (and they'll be comparatively cheap), it'll be interesting to see exactly what the second string's made of (i.e. who makes it up and what fire they've got in their bellies), and if ever you needed to give a home team advantage it's gonna be then.

        I'm well excited, I've not been to the lane as a paying customer for a long long time!

    • Yes we do EY. I can't beleive anyone is seriously abandening the cause, its just an over reaction because we lost to a poor side and we did not play very well. What makes it worse is that some of those on the pitch did not show the fight the supporters expect even if the team is not playing well.

      Then add to that the debacle Gomes and his phantom broken jaw and well, no wonder there is a baying mob calling for his scawney neck to be stretched.

      As I have said before on here, in the overall scheme of things I am not really that bothered about EUFA (yes I realise the consequences and obviously if I was being greedy I would love to win it) but the PL is SO much more important and on that basis I am 100% behind Arry.

      He obviously wants to keep something back for the CC and fair enough but PL survival is paramount so we should appreciate what he is trying to do and get off his back.

      Oh and shoot Gomes.

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      • Agreed Sfer......and Im not saying people should not be finding fault with Harry or the players from last night.......far from it......there were some dire performances and Harry's tactics both on the pitch and in the pre game build up leave a lot to be desired.
        I said from day one that although HR will keep us in the PL he isnt the messiah (hes just a very naughty boy) and I dont see him taking us to a higher level. Perhaps we just need a reality check here and stop expecting too much from these players and this manager. Lets sort out the mess in the summer and just stay in this division FFS.
        On the plus side Dawson played well last night and if only Zokora had the distribution to match his endeavour...he'd be famous!!
        As for Gomes.......it must be a brazillian disease......remember that tw*t goalie at Celtic who got stretchered off? Dida wasnt it? or Rivaldo's face holding collapse in the 2002 WC after getting the ball in the thigh? laughable........I was a supporter of Gomes up until last night......now Im throwing in the towel on him..............EY was wrong!!!!