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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 25, 2009 07:57 Flag


    I agree with KM on most of that, but I do reckon if 'Arry thinks Naughton's ready to step up Hutton'll be off without even a "don't let the door hit you on the arse on your way out". He's not been on form at all so far this season, Corluka's been stuttering yet still the better choice of the two so if he does go & we have cover he'll not be missed.

    I suspect our general play's not been consistent enough to risk Naughton even in the 'small' games as yet, and 'Arry's got to try and keep Hutton fairly sweet as if he leaves in January and Corluka gets injured we'd be in big trouble. Don't forget he's only very young, and Sheff were hardly competing at the highest level, so it's understandable he's breaking him in slowly. He seems to have raw talent, but perhaps they've got to build his technique etc before letting him loose.

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    • i like corluka a lot, ok hes had patches where hes been sh1t , but i said this the other day off the back of what old fan said.when there is a regular centre back pair corluka and BAE will both gain confidence and will play better knowing the cb's game. so i would play corluka every game in the EPL and use hutton and naughton in the cups against lesser team. corluka has shown u can throw him anywhere and he will try hard for u and that is something i like , also his attitude is brilliant with the press and seesm to love the club. i think it helps modric and now krancjar r there.

      as for hutton i think he will be off, hes ok but not worth the 8 mill or so we paid. bring naughton through for cover and if we get a good return on hutton then spot on, its not to say i want hutton out just i think lack of first team will drive him to villa or everton.