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    Aaron Lennon.. are we a one man team?

    It has been suggested in the media that he will be out for at least another 2-3 weeks.

    I think it stands testement to the fact that we do a lot better when he is in the side - then when he is out through injury. Yet again today we are going to miss him against his home-town club.

    I'm sure the Leeds fans would have given him a rousing reception had he been fit enough to play.

    Hopefully someone else will take up the challange and give us the inspiration that Lennon gives everytime he pulls on the Spurs shirt.


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    • I know this will be met with some derision, but I would love to see Bentley on the right. Unpopular I know, but we have to admit he can be a class act as he has proved in the past. He needs to given just one chance to redeem himself, if only for the sake of the January window!

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      • One of the reasons, IMHO, that we play better with Lennon in the team is the fact that he draws extra defenders towards him when we have the ball.
        They are so frightened of his pace that the full-back needs cover.
        There is also the fact that he has improved this season and causes a constant threat nowadays, because his final ball is so much better.
        I still can't understand why GDS isn't given a game whilst Lennon is out. He may not have Lennon's pace but he sure has a lot of trickery.