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    Let the battle for 4th place commence..

    I've looked at our remaining fixtures compared to Man City's and have tried to figure out where we can pick up the extra points to keep us above them.

    So here they are ( first Man City's )..

    Wed 24th March - Everton - ( Home ) Win
    Mon 29th March - Wigan ( Home ) Win
    Sat 3rd April - Burnley ( Away ) Win
    Sun 11th April - Birmingham ( Home ) Win
    Sat 17th April - Man United ( Home ) Draw
    Sat 24th April - Gooners ( Away ) Loss
    Sat 1st May - Aston Villa ( Home ) Draw
    Wed 5th May - Spurs ( Home ) Draw
    Sun 9th May - West Ham ( Away ) Win

    Citys estimated points total by Sunday 9th of May 71 points

    Now our fixtures..

    Sat 27th March - Portsmouth ( Home ) Win
    Sat 3rd April - Sunderland ( Away ) Win
    Sat 10th April - Gooners ( Home ) Win
    Sat 17th April - Chavski ( Home ) Win
    Sat 24th April - Manure ( Away ) Loss
    Sat 1st May - Bolton ( Home ) Win
    Wed 5th May - Man City ( Away ) Draw
    Sun 9th May - Burnley ( Away ) Win

    Our estimated points total by Sunday 9th of May 74 points

    Just hope that its not just bloody wishful thinking on my part!


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    • EY Unusually tickets are on sale to Lilywhite/One Hotspur members first. See below from the website:

      One Hotspur Bronze/Lilywhite Members (i.e. Club Members) will be able to apply for tickets both over the phone and online from 1.00pm on Thursday, March 25 until 5.00pm on Sunday, March 28. Please note any applications made via the telephone will be charged a £1 per member processing fee. If, as expected, demand from One Hotspur Bronze/Lilywhite Members (i.e. Club Members) outweighs supply, tickets will be allocated according to loyalty points.
      Tickets will go on sale to One Hotspur Platinum, Gold and Silver members (i.e Season Ticket Holders) from 9.30am on Monday, March 29 until 5.00pm on Tuesday, March 30

      Like I said, I've applied but am not holding my breath - reckon you'll need a min 100 loyalty points (or more) to be successful.

    • Galway! Stoppit! That's a chicken that hasn't hatched yet!!!

    • Lucky you KM.
      We get an allocation of 31,000 or so. I expect season ticket holders and gold and bronze members to snap those up in no time. Any left will go to Lilywhite members and I remember last year you needed about 90 -100 pts to even get considered.
      I'll be watching on the telly!!

    • Only a Lilywhite member EY - my tickets are corporate ones via work. Won't be so lucky as to get them for the final though. Have also applied for tickets via the Lilywhite membership, but if they're going to be allocated on loyalty points then I probably don't stand a chance either with only 45 :-(

    • I won't be going either.. it is not that I don't want to it is just living & working in Galway I will have to travel down on the Friday night book 3 nights accomodation and returning on monday.

      Getting to the final is another matter though, my mate who is a platinum season ticket holder is going on holiday on the 14th of May and i have first refusal on his cup-final voucher!


    • im not a member and the only way im gonna get one is off a tout. i dont condone them but i would do anything to get in.

    • Are you a bronze or gold member Kentish?
      Sadly I have had to apply for the scraps as a mere Lilywhite and just know I havent got enough loyalty points for this one.

    • I've got mine :-))))))))))))

    • I've got mine :-))))))))))))

    • I am ever so secretly worried Sfer.

      I actually watched the game last night as i thought it would be a stonker and it didnt fail to live up to its billing.

      Both Spurs and Fulham are playing great football these days.

      (Dont tell the rest of the yiddish folk my thoughts though eh!)

      My Yid Brother offered me a ticket to the semi final an hour ago the cheeky sod.

      Apparently they are available to buy chaps and chapesses so get your skates on.

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