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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 8, 2010 22:25 Flag

    Cracking team

    Dawson King Woodgate Gallas
    A Lennon Van Der Vaart O'Hara
    Defoe Keane

    All we need is one more midfielder and one goalie to get injured, then we've got a pretty damn threatening injury list!

    Also, is anyone else a bit bored of hearing about Bale? We've had some great team performances recently, and yes he's been on excellent form, but even when he's not (a la Saturday) he's still the one getting the headlines!

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    • And then i woke up.

    • Three one to us tonight.

    • Ooh, don't get me wrong Alan, I'm very pleased with him indeed (a few days ago I was trying to find one of my old posts which listed reasons I thought we should keep him while all around me were saying sell - I love Smart Arse days!), I just think the media's gone a bit mental.

      On Saturday there was actually a point where we had a nice attack coming together and, I shit you not, one of the commentators actually said something along the lines of "Bale's not involved in this build up". And that was it. No qualification, no explanation, they just wanted to say his name. Utterly ridiculous, and a bit of a man-crush going too far in my eyes ;)

    • Don't forget we can add Dos Santos and in theory Huddlestone to that list as well so it's only the keeper we need now!

      Have to agree slightly with your Bale comment. He wasn't up to anywhere near his best in the last 2 PL games but both times 'Arry felt it necessary to mention that he was 'one of our better players' and put some threatening crosses in. I understand where Harry is coming from trying to deflect the pressure from Bale and keep his confidence up. He just has to be careful he doesn't put one or two of the other players noses out of joint with his comments. I thought Hutton was one of the best players for us Saturday (and has generally been much better this year) especially considering he had no help down the right flank for much of the game but he's not being lambasted with praise. Rememeber there's a whole team dynamic at work here 'Arry (I'm sure he knows what he's doing).