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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Apr 17, 2011 02:43 Flag

    Citeh in the FA Cup Final

    Well done to Citeh for beating Manure - well taken goal from Toure.

    Given our rescheduled game with Citeh is only 4 days before the Final it's surely got to be the best chance we have of all 3 points up there (depending on results between now and then of course!).

    I'm pretty sure that Mancini will rest some of his key players and even if Tevez is back from injury he'll surely not want to risk him so close to the Final.


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    • SB you have already given the statistics of Arsenal and Spurs poor readings i agree but both sides still up towards the top even with our poor result yesterday and the gooners today, but last year our form was so poor against the bottom sides as it is this year yet we are still in with a shout, and for sure Arsenal still in champions league slot, we had to beat the best last year to get where we were and we did, not for one minute do i not agree with what your saying but it is still best to be positive, it still is not over yet.
      I was there yesterday and some times i have been so frustrated with the way we play, it seems all season we need to go a goal down before we start playing, in fairness we should have beat them easy yesterday with the team that Harry put out so why do we play good against the best and poor against the not so good. I think Harry sometimes has is tatics so wrong when for instance he keeps switching Bale and Lennon over the flanks we all get frustrated and we are not supposed to be managers, but whilst the season continues we have to keep positive we stiil have to play Citeh yet and that alone could and i say could change a lot of things mainly because they can still lose games with the FA cup looming.

    • mel, 1 win in 10 now. how can i be positive!

      harry has messed up & some of the players just arent good enough yet are being played every game.

    • To be 4th you have to play the best and win anyway - and if we're worried and negative about playing Woolwich, what's the point of wanting to be in the CL?

      We can do it. I'm holding my breath now until the final whistle....as I've typed this I've gone bl..........

    • SB has i have said recently we had to play all these teams this time last year and looked what happened, added to that we have our injured players all on the way back as well should they be needed even for 30 minutes coming off the bench. lets be positive we play better against stronger opposition.

    • i agree sfer-against quality teams like arsenal we need to be more stronger on the defensive side of our midfield which is why sandro has to play instead of hudd. even with sandro, its still a very attacking midfield.

      the odds are against us nicking 4th rambro so u have every right to be worried.

      iv got a horrible feeling we have left ourselves far too much to do due to slip us against wigan,blkpool & the hammers.

      arsenal at home could go either way.
      chelsea,pool & city away are all very tough so winning 1 will be tough let alone all 3.

      im confident we will beat blkpool at home.

      wba i cant see us losing but they are in a good run of form so could be a close game- we should worry their defence but they could score a few too.

      brum, again i cant see us losing but will be tough as they work hard & can frustrate us.

      so 7 games- we probably need to win 5 to have any chance but i think we will end up with 3 wins, 2 draws & 2 loses.


      but what do i know!

      we still have to believe!

      we do have the ability to do it but we can be a very complacent team.


    • See also, Harry's concern about City's last game...after the FA Cup with Stoke, against...Stoke!
      I need to settle in and do a review of the run in for us, Chelsea and Citeh, just to get a better feel of what we're facing (I believed that we pissed fourth away in that Wigan match
      H - Goons
      H - WBA
      A - Chelsea
      H - Blackpool
      A - Citeh
      A - Liverpool
      H - Birmingham
      There's 4 games there were we can definitely drop points...but what about the banana skin games (potential slip-ups)...Birmingham stands out, the other two West Brom and Blackpool (the latter who dealt with us at theirs, the former we drew with). Stamford Bridge and Anfield are places that bring us little joy on our visits; and we know what happens when we play our 'neighbours".

      I'll put it like this...last year when we faced back to back to back games against Arsenal Chelsea and Man U, I thought, NFW!! To be honest I'm thinking the same way this season, forgive me for having less faith than most in todays spoiled brat footballer, but while not everyone (our team and others) are not like that, there's a pervasivness that makes me not hang to heavily onto the exploit of my team (in other words, the sun will rise the next day, no matter what they do).

      So, can we do it? Well my question is, does the team understand whats in front of them and what it'll take to reach the mountain top (don't worry all, I'm not going to break into MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech...but maybe Harry should!)
      We have the players that on their day, as a team are the equal of any one in this league...they just haven't been on their day too often this season.

      (BTW, while it might seems as though I've not invested much in all of this, I have to tell you, the excitement and nervousness is killing me...I remain level-headed because it gets me through my working day!)

    • We had the sense and players to grind out a 0-0 against AC, and have managed the win the last 2 times in the league... cautiously optimistic, sure that'll change in the next day or two.

    • Agreed nbr. Bale winning the award is a massive boost and will focus opposition on him/us in the future.

      I still worry about our formation though. Its great having such an attack minded team with two out and out speedy wingers BUT, by definition, that means we only have two other MF's plus VDV wandering around neither a MF or Striker.

      Consequently we get overrun in MF with Modric wanting to support the strikers and Sandro or Hudd left to cope alone. That can work against less well organised teams but the better teams have well organised MF's that can cope with our wing attack style and over power us in MF.

      To beat Ar$e we (IMO) have to fill up the MF like Pool did. If they have room just in front of our back 4 they will destroy us. Have we got the sense and players to apply the tactics necessary to beat Ar$e? I bl00dy well hope so.

    • Good point KM but i think they will want Champions League football more than the FA cup, I hope you are right and dont forget we have a lot of our players back from injury now so a lot to play for us still, when you also cosider our ending to last years end of season we had the daunting task of 3 fixtures with top teams vying for the top 4, Chelsea, Arsneal, Liverpool and Man City, we got exceptional results then and i can see the same happning this year now, obviously we have nothing else to play for only top 4 finish where we can now stay fully focused with the job in hand.
      I really think we can do it with Bale and lennon wide Modric Van,Der Vart and any combination of strike force if we stay injury free i really think we will do it.

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      • Can't decide if yesterday's result was a good or a bad thing for us; on the one hand good, keep 'em distracted and possibly rest a couple of players, but on the other they've just beaten Man U in a semi final. Imagine if that was us and Arsenal; it'd give us an awesome lift! What might've just happened is they might've just started to believe they can beat the best teams in Europe, and where's a good place to test that theory? And with all due respect, I think they'll be more concerned about playing us for the Champion's League than face either of Bolton or Stoke for a cup.

        Our fate's in our hands. Every game is a must win, simple as.